Anchovy and Kuymak Festival, which was held in Hayat Park together with Konyaaltı Municipality Antalya Black Sea People's Association in the past days, attracted great attention and thousands of local and foreign citizens participated in the event. 2 tons of anchovy cooked by calculating approximately 10 thousand people and the kuymak for 7 thousand people were sold out in a short time.

Konyaaltı Mayor Semih Esen said, “Our guests attending the festival in Konyaaltı will witness the unique beauties of the Black Sea. At our festival, we will appeal to the palate with our anchovy and kuymak treats.” President Esen offered the citizens kuymak and anchovies with his own hands. Esen said, "It's like we are in Pazar in Rize, we are in Trabzon Sürmene. It is cold weather but we share our anchovy and kuymak in an air warmed by the warmth of the people here. We are very happy to get together with them." Indicate the beauty of the day with your words.

With the performance of Onay Şahin and Apolas Lermi, the popular voices of Black Sea folk music, the citizens enjoyed the festival by playing horon accompanied by the kemençe.