06/03 2018

The price of square meters in the areas to be made premiums in Antalya can start from 45 Euros to 300 Euros.

Where will prices rise in Antalya?

Old Lara Street, Kemerağzı Oteller region, Konyaaltı, Kuzeykent, Yeniköy, Yeşilbahçe and Fener are among the leading areas for the increase in real estate values. The price of square meters of the sidewalks in these regions can start from 50 Euro up to 300 Euro. Keputüstü and Döşemealtı regions and Korkuteli and Aksu districts are the best places to develop in the coming period. The housing units in this area are sold between 100 and 250 TL per square meter and the commercial and industrial land units are 150 to 500 TL per square meter. Meltem Mahallesi, a transit point between the city center and Konyaaltı, maintains its attractiveness due to its proximity to both sides, the fact that the buildings are new and near the university. For this reason, it would be wise for investors to buy real estate when the market is stagnant

In Antalya's most popular holiday villages, the unit price of the plot of land in and around Kemer is sold between 180 euros and 350 euros. The prices in the region are rising every year as the rate of residential development in Kemer and its surroundings and the number of floors are low and green areas are involved in the protection project.

Chairman of the Chamber of Real Estate Agents of Antalya Şeref Sağlam says that prices are advantageous especially in the Mediterranean region such as Antalya, Mersin, Gazipaşa, Alanya, Anamur. Stating that the summer projects in Antalya have a minimum 40 percent premium, Sağlam said, "Housing prices in Antalya have not fallen at all. Stating that the sale price of the motels in the most tourist areas of Antalya is 3 thousand pounds sterling, Sağlam says that after the elimination of the reciprocity principle, the region expects intense demand from eastern and Middle Eastern countries.

Antalya is Turkey's tourism capital of the pace of real estate prices can not be reached. In Antalya, Lara Street, Kemerağzı Oteller District, Konyaaltı Coastal Road, Kuzeykent, Yeniköy, Yeşilbahçe and Fener, Kemer are leading the rise in terms of real estate values.

Saying that Alanya is the right address for those who want to get profitable at the same time when buying a cottage, Aydoğan says that after buying it in Kemer and Alanya, there are houses that are worth three to five times as much. Noting that the premium is not always right in every part of the region, Aydoğan underlines the need for good research in the procurement phase.