02/03 2018

The results of the real estate evaluation reports compiled via the internet are explained about Antalya. The average price per square meter of residential properties in Antalya, where the last 5-year change indicates an increase of 85% on average, was realized as 2,500 TL as of January 2018, while the average return period of the houses in the city was measured as 19 years.

For the Kemer and its districts, as of January 2018, the square meter selling prices have been announced as 4,000 TL in the evaluations made considering the fact that the construction rate in Kemer Region is low and the number of floors is low.

Average housing prices in Antalya and foreign interest

In the city, the selling prices of second-hand houses with an average of 100 square meters vary between 200.000 TL and 300.000 TL.

Antalya attracts attention as the second city where foreigners receive the most housing after Istanbul. Turkey Statistics Institute (TUIK) 2018 released by the furnace housing sales housing sales that took place in Antalya, according to reports showed an increase 61.7'lik percent compared to the same month of the previous year.