Fethiye & Dalyan


Fethiye with its cultural wealth, natural beauties and geography, is among the important tourism centres of Turkey. It is famous for its works of art belong to Persians, Lycians, Carians and Romans. This charming county is in a bay within Fethiye Gulf where both large and small islands are scattered. The rear of the bay is surrounded by pine forests.

The ancient name of Fethiye, which was a coastal city at the borders of Lycia-Caria, is Telmessos. There is not definite information about the foundation of this Ancient city. According to the first written records, it has come into existence in the 5th century B.C. Telmessos, separate from Lycia, survived as an independent city for a long time. The city experienced the rule of Persia, Alexander the Great, Rome, Pergamum Kingdom, Byzantium, Menteşeoğulları Principality and Ottoman State respectively.


Dalyan is established in an environmentally protected area since 1989 in Turkey. Dalyan is one of the few surviving places of paradise, an area of natural beauty and historical interest.

The ancient city of Caunos lies here with its ruins dating back to the BC 3rd Century.

Along the Dalyan River of the delta from Koycegiz Lake are thermal baths the water is 40 degrees C. The water has been used since Hellenistic times. The waters which contain radioactive elements (harmless) and Hydrogen sulphur are believed to cure rheumatism, skin disorders, liver, spleen and bowel complaints, as well as being beneficial for nervous and digestive disorders. The Mud baths are also said to remedy rheumatism as well as cleanse and beautify the skin.

The Dalyan River through which water circulates between the Mediterranean Sea and Koycegiz Lake winds its way down past the ancient Rock Tombs to the sea, via a small network of lakes and waterways. Dividing the delta is the Iztuzu sandbar stretching for 5 km east from the south of the river.

Through the rustling reed beds rising between 3 and 5 metres in height. With its mixture of fresh and salt water, these wetlands are now home to a vast number of fish and other water life, as well as the birds of many species which feed on them, species such as the Sparrow hawk, Crane, Kingfisher and Jay. The Stork is also native to this area migrating here at the end of March to nest until the end of August.

With fine crystal sand, shallow turquoise sea Iztuzu beach is the ideal seaside spot. This is also the beach where the endangered Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta Caretta) and the green turtle (Chelonia Mydas) have returned to lay their eggs since the beginning of time. The nesting time being from May till September.

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