Kas & Kalkan


Kas is avery nice old fisher town recently discovered by mainly British and Danish citizens as a second home destination. The town attracts the attention of all the visitors by its charm and breathtaking scenery of the islands and the Mediterranean. The town is composed of mainly a town center, the peninsula area, the surrounding villages such as Gombe and Gokseki and the rural areas where you would find flats, penthouses or villas from middle to high-end budgets with still attractive prices compared to their similars in different European destinations.

Kas was one of the most important cities of Lycia, and is now a small resort with great historical interest . Its quaint town centre has a rocky waterfront, with good beaches nearby. The name Kas means in Turkish eyebrow describing the shape of the town under the backdrop of 500m high cliffs behind.

There are watersports available in the area, like canoeing, jet-skiing, diving and paragliding, plus cavern diving, which uses technical equipment to explore the deep and dark caverns. For those who love travelling on the water, the Mavi Yolculuk (Blue Voyage) tours, and other excursions on boats, can be madeto the surrounding islands.
Habesos is the earliest known name of the ancient city, as proved from archaeological findings. But the name Antiphellos is far more familiar, and this was the harbour of ancient Phellos. Excavations here have revealed a settlement dating back to the4th century BC, possibly earlier, although it reached its height of importance during the Roman and Byzantine periods, when it was a centre for Bishops. It had also been significant in the world of sea-faring commerce, and during the Roman era was especially famous for its exported sponges. It was attacked by Arabs, then added to the territory of the Anatolian Seljuks, and took the name Andifli. After the destruction of the Anatolian Seljuk state, the Ottomans added it to its lands.

Summers are hot and dry in Kas, quite typical of Mediterranean region, and can reach around 35 degrees during the day. Winters are warm during the day although can get cool at night, and can drop below 10 degrees.

The surrounding area of Kas is unspoiled, mountainous and forested. A combination of spectacular wild landscape and small traditional houses tucked into favored corners. In the rural part of Kas, you have the opportunity to enjoy rural Mediterranean environment and lifestyle, while being only 10 mins drive from Kas and the coast.


A well-maintained and quiet harbour town, Kalkan is 25km west of Kas. It is an attractive town, once a fishing village occupied by the Ottoman Greeks. It has become increasingly popular since the 1980s, with a huge holiday village covering the southern hillside. The small town centre which overlooks the bay is filled with quaint, traditional white-washed houses, shuttered windows and balconies with brilliantly-coloured flowers. The Yacht Marina caters for the requirements of visiting yachts, aswell as several restaurants and shops in the main centre.


Kas is a popoular stop for holiday cruiseliners, offers property purchasers a far more affluent lifestyle when compare to other coastal areas but this is reflected by the regions property prices. With another saying buying property in Kas is more like buying a lifestyle. 2 bedroom flats in Kas starts from 95.000 Euro, villas for sale in Kas starts from 180.000 Euro. 1 bedroom apartment in Kas starts from 85.000 Euro.

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