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Kemer is a jewel in the Turkish crown! Situated on the Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean coast it boasts 300 days of sunshine a year making it undoubtedly an attractive holiday and second home destination. Today Kemer is  known  internationally as a very important and desirable holiday resort destination with its 5 star neigbouring resorts and hotels. This cousy town is an actual sample of the urbanization. It is not spoiled , quite and comfortable holiday district with its infrastructure, easy and organized transportation, utilities of communication and well working Municipality. 

One of the major attractions to Kemer is the magnificent mountain scenery and views. Set in the valley of the Taurus Mountains it is lost in the sorrounding countryside which is an area of natural beauty, Kemer is entrenched among fabolous mountain views, pine forests, orange and lemon groves.

The most attractive point for Kemer now is the new ski resort opens up and this makes Kemer a year round resort. There are few places in the world where you can swim in the sea and ski on the mountain snow at the same time of the year! With a length of 4,350 mtrs, the Tahtal? aerial cableway is the longest in Europe and the second longest in the World.

This has huge potential both for second home buyers ,for the one's who choose to lease their property during the times that it is vacant.  It is also expected that new ski center openning would bring considerable additional value to all properties in Kemer. The property market in Kemer is very buoyant at the moment and has maintained steady growth over the past few years and growth is still set to rise steadily for the foreseeable future.

Construction permission in the area is restricted as the region is designated as national park. Inorder to prevent the area from being spoiled, all building height is restricted to 2.5 floors and only in Aslanbucak area it is 3.5 floors so as to maintain the magnificient surrondings views. These factors will have a profound impact on future property values, which should see quite impressive returns on any investments made in this region. 

Kemer used to be an undiscovered paradise and over the last few years, more and more European citiziens are settling in the region. The combination of different nationalities that are buying holiday homes in Kemer or relocating to the area is making Kemer a cosmopolitan place to live.

With properties in Kemer and the surrounding areas starting as little as 55,000 Euro, the possibility of owning a second home in the sun is an affordable dream that Second Home Turkey will help you to make come true.


    Summer never ends in Kemer with 300 sunny days!
    But also up at the hills of Tahtal? mountain at 4.350 mtrs, new ski center oppening (Only 16km to Kemer). So you can swim and ski at the same time of the year. Kemer Tahtal? aerial cableway is the longest in Europe and the second longest in the world.
    An excellent opportunity to invest in property in Turkey with a high capital return.
    A distance of only 55 km to the international airport to Kemer. (1 hour drive)
    A distance of only 45 km to the city of Antalya.
    Unspoilt landscape and surroundings.
    Blue Flag Award for its beaches , sea and marina.
    An area of outstanding natural beauty set in a conservation area designated as a National Park.
    Magnificient views of Taurus mountains.
    Residential building height restrictions set at 2.5 floors in Kemer.
    Two fully equipped private hospitals preferred by all major insurance companies and one government hospital.
    There are 2 private schools each offering a very high standard of education and one government school.
    Plenty of sports activities such as horse riding, jeep safari, skiing, diving, boat tours and many more.
    Steeped in history with places like Phaselis, Olympos, Idyros, Hunters Kiosk, St Nicholas and Myra etc.
    A wide range of bars , restaurants serving delicious food and always served in a warm and friendly atmosphere and for those who prefer the night clubs there is a dancing well into the early hours.
    A magnificient shopping centre offering wide selection of merchandise.
    An open market held three times a week.
    A fabulous harbour, Kemer Marina, with 20 years experience providing a 24 hour service.
    Rally of the City, FIA World rally Championship takes place in Kemer every year.
    International Kemer under water days take place in Kemer every year.
    Kemer festival of fun staged annually plus many shows with famous singers such as Tarkan. Tarkan music festival took place in Kemer June this year.
    There is a very nice harmony in Kemer caused by a combination of different nationalities relocating in the area.
    Turkish hospitality Second to None.


The high standard that is required for a beach to attain Blue Flag status has a strict 26 points criteria to meet. There is also a strict 15 points criteria requirement for a Blue Flag Marina. Kemer has been awarded the European Blue Flag Environmental Award, which is given to communities that make a special effort to keep their beaches and marinas clean and manage them with consideration for a local environment.


Kemer marina provides an excellent berthing & repair facilities with 20 years of experience , proffesional  management service of 24 hours a day , 7 days a week. Kemer marina offers the possibility for live boards, that are arguably the best in the Mediterranean with its full range of social, sporting and cultural activities even during the winter months.  during the winter months. Together with having the best climate in Turkey and being shielded by Taurus Mountains, Kemer marina offers excellent protection.


The Tahtali Aerial Cableway will start operating in September 2006, by which time the work on the sports slopes will be complete and the mountain-top and base station ready for use. The ambitious project will be rounded off when the efficient, modern summit restaurant opens in July of 2007. Diversity is an important factor for any successful tourist destination. And the contrasting experience the Mount Tahtali Aerial Cableway provides is a masterpiece!
Having enjoyed sunbathing on sandy beaches in the morning, guests are then able to while away the afternoons amid the pleasantly cool temperatures of a snowy mountain summit. The aerial cableway brings the mountains and sea closer together ? the Tahtali cable car provides Europe with a unique combination that is hard to match. With a length of 4,350 meters, the Tahtali Aerial Cableway is the longest cableway in Europe, and the second longest worldwide.


Kemer has one of the most impressive international horseback clubs.  Hotel-Berke Ranch is ideal for horse and nature lovers alike, where you can find many activities.  Novice riders can take instruction from the professional team in the 2,500m2 manège. For more advanced riders there are guided forest tours from 1-5 hours. Professional instructors team is also ready to guide you through various forest trails to explore views on the Lycian Way, mythological Olympos Mountain and the ruins of ancient Phaselis.


International Kemer Underwater Days is a full week of activity. Orginised jointly by Kemer Foundation for the promotion of the Underwater Archaelogical Research Association. The goal is to introduce to the world the natural and archaelogical beauties of the deep waters of Antalya Kemer in the Mediterranean. The Antalya Kemer coast has hosted numerous civilizations over thousands of years, each of whom maintained their own commercial and political relationships mostly through navel routes. As a result of this, traces of these civilizations are still left in the depths of the blue waters as well as natural beauties of the Kemer are still waiting to be discovered.


Kemer has its own Dolphinland , where there are interesting performances and the opportunity to swim with dolphins. Doing so provides a great feeling of joy and harmony during the session , especially in the hearts of children , their parrents and the support team. Having contact with the friendliest creatures of the sea is an experience to behold and an unforgettable experience.


Kemer Municipality stages a magnificient carnival every year during the summer season where you can experience spectacular shows as well as some great shopping facilities. Kemer also welcomes many famous singers such as Tarkan. Tarkan music concert took place this year in June.


Kemer is one of the new shining resort of Turkish coastline interms of property market. There are many reasons behind that such as 300 sunny days, but also with the new ski center opportunity to swim and ski at the same time of the year as well as very well preserved nature. Properties in Kemer are maximum 2.5 floor height. Distance of the houses in Kemer center is between 100 meters to 1 km. As it is a residential area, properties in Kemer are usually duplex houses or villas. There are also flats and apartments for sale in Kemer at quite affordable prices.  For the ones who are willing to buy flats and apartments  in Kemer, availibilities are regular flats or duplex flats.  Properties in Kemer also offers an excellent return to your capital investment.


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