Name Surname: MILANO

Abbiamo venduto la nostra casa in Çamyuva con l aiuto dell'agenzia immobiliare 2nd home che è risultata professionale e molto amichevole.
Cem e Selda ci hanno accompagnato durante tutto il processo con dedizione e cura e spesso offrendoci aiuto anche fuori dalla loro competenza.

Anche dall'Italia è stato sempre semplice ed efficiente contattarli e abbiamo sempre ricevuto pronte risposte in ogni occasione.

Sono risultati molto efficienti nella comunicazione con il compratore di lingua russa e buona anche la comunicazione in inglese.

Personalmente mi sento di consigliare 2nd home per proprietà di villeggiatura nel golfo di Antalya .

Un ringraziamento speciale per aver tenuto cura e attenzione per I miei nonni che a 85 anni si sono sentiti molto aiutati e protetti.
Niccolo Monaco da parte di Rita e Domenico

Name Surname: Vincent Verheyen

Message for testimonials

Dua to special conditions I had to sell my property asap.

After contacts with several agencies I was very lucky to find Second home in Kemer and very happy to meet Selda Acar. One hour was enough to be sure my problem was in the rights hands.

She explained everything and once our contract had been signed we started the procedure.

Her professionalism taught me it wouldn’t take long to find the good solution.

Once at home I started to have the right documents as : the power of attorney, the translations into Turkish, copies of passports etc.  Only one visit to the Turkish consulate with an acknowledged translator as intermediate and assistant, was enough.

As soon she received all these documents Second Home started in high gear. Their professional website has given quick results and I have been informed by mail.

Very soon we were successful and Selda Acar kept me posted by messages and mail.

I had to return to Kemer just once to pick up my private objects and to sign some documents.  

Selda Acar has been very helpful to finish some contracts, e.g. insurances, and especially to transfer the money to my home country. 

In fine, I can confirm I never could imagine it was so easy to realize this operation. Thanks to Selda Acar it has been done quicker than expected without any dark cloud at my sky.

To all readers of this testimonial : I wish you to meet Second Hone and Selda Acar if you want the right solutions for real estate.


Vincent Verheyen

Name Surname: Emine Alpay

Kemer Second Home Turkey emlak aracılığıyla  Antalya ili Kemer ilçesine bağlı Çamyuva mahallesinden yazlık satın aldım.Firma çalışanları özelliklede Selda hanımın Etkin iletişim yeteneği ve olumlu insan ilişkileri sayesinde tam kriterlerime ve bütçeme uygun eve sahip oldum. Ekip olarak son derece profesyoneller. Teşekkürlerimi sunar çalışmalarında başarılarının devamını dilerim.  Kemer / Çamyuva Masallas evleri

Emine Alpay ealpay@metu.edu.tr


Name Surname: Hans Roels

What could be a reason(s) for choosing Second Home Turkey ?

First of all the friendly staff and the approach towards the customer/Client, when you enter the office the first time, they create a familiar friendly environment without any pressure.

Once you stated your request, in my case selling a property a well oiled team start to take action , what they do in a perfect way is that from that moment on the team takes everything out of your hands. It’s  Second Home who takes care of all the steps that have to be taken. ​​

The price setting of the property in a combined way owner and selling office the PR of the property in a modern Digital platform .

It doesn’t matter how long it takes in the end they find a buyer, for me it took about 3years in aenvironment where buying and selling are for the moment very hard.

Once the property is sold, Second Home really start to show their strength on the market, they really take care of every step there has to be taken. It doesn’t matter that you as seller live abroad the communication stays perfect . it’s only when all the paperwork is done that you have to fly in to Kemer to make the Sell complete.

When you are in Kemer there is nothing that you have to to on your own, in my case Selda took care of everything, going from the papers in the Tapu office, the control of the cash value she stood by my side at the banking office and checked several times that all was done correctly.

She even stayed in contact to make Shure that all the transfers were completed.

If you ever think about buying or selling property on the Turkish coastline in the region Kemer/Antalya for me there is only one adres : Second Home Turkey.

I have to close this statement with many thanks to the Second Home team and a specially to Selda It was a pleasure working with you and my next vacation in Turkey a visit to the office is priority.

Hans Roels 

From viking 24 Kemer / Arslanbucak 

Name Surname: Zelihan et Yasin DUYGUC

Un grand merci à Selda et Cem qui nous ont aidés dans les démarches administratives pour l’acquisition de notre maison de vacances.

Dès notre rencontre, nous avons compris que nous pouvions compter sur vous.  Et cela s’est avéré vrai !

Au-delà de votre professionnalisme votre accueil chaleureux et votre écoute  nous ont permis de réaliser la transaction immobilière dans des conditions très agréables.

Nous sommes heureux de vous avoir rencontrés et  espérons continuer à travailler ensembles notamment pour la mise en location de notre maison sachant que nous vivons en France.

Merci encore,

Bien Amicalement,

Hersey  icin cok  cok tesekkurler

Zelihan et Yasin DUYGUC


Name Surname: Kjell Østenstad

2nd Home Turkey

Selda Acar.

We were advised to contact 2nd HOME Turkey in connection with the fact that we wanted to sell our apartment in Viking City Chamuya. We can warmly recommend 2nd HOME Turkey with Selda Acar for such assignments. Communication was efficiently done by e-mail and WhatsApp. Settlement timely arrived as agreed on my bank account.

Best regards a very satisfied apartment seller at Viking City.

Name Surname: Andrew D.

2nd HOME Turkey. I have recently rented a property from this company and have found their service first class. Their friendly personal professional approach ran through all the members of staff I met. From co owner Sonmez Karakus, his wife Purlen and Selda Onder who showed me the properties. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone looking to buy or rent a property.

Regards Andrew D.

Name Surname: Odd Arne Winje

When we needed to sell our apartment in Göynük, Kemer, we had a challenge with finding aserious real estate company who would take our case.After a long search we found Second Home Turkey in Kemer, and they agreed to help us with this.From that moment we experienced a very clear and predictable process, which started witha clear agreement, and a honest expectation about the result.Further when it came to the selling process itself, everything got well prepared, we got a listover all the papers needed up front, and also during the process Purlen told me clearly up front what is going to happen next, step by step, included also the financial part in the bank,where they assisted us until the money was transferred to our bank accounts.So for a short summary, if you want a predictable and safe process in a real estate matter, iwill recommend Second Home Turkey, and especially Pürlen Karakuş, to handle this matter for you.
She / they did this in a perfect way for us.

Odd Arne Winje


Name Surname: Samee Ullah

The Trusted Companion – Second Home Turkey

I can recall the day when we were looking for the options to settle to Turkey – The dream destinations with own home. In a search of many options, the feeling attracted with word “Second Home Turkey”, now BECOME TRUE.

We approached Mr. Sonmez – The Second Home Turkey Managing Director, after visiting their portal/website for some reasonable matching options with our plan. We found Second Home Turkey team very response, proactive, professional, very supportive and vigilant in providing their expert & honest opinions to client; like us putting their efforts to satisfy the client to ensure they get Value for Money.

The deal finalized with smooth way & mutual trust developed very quickly – despite external feedback of uncertain & fears expressed by friends & acquaintance.

Thanks to Mr. Sonmez and the team in helping shaping our dream into reality with honest support & guidance extended throughout the process from planning to possessions.

In brief, I feel delighted to write and express my fulfilled experience with Second Home Turkey deal that proved a mutual trust where you come first when you are dealing with Sonmez and team.

Many thanks Second Home Turkey team for the fantastic support, care and guidance especially for us that we received during the entire process – I don’t hesitate to recommend Second Home Turkey to our countrymen and acquaintance to take the advantage of settling dream destinations – Turkey as many shown their dire wishes.

Personal thanks to Sonmez and team.     


Samee Ullah

Islamabad – Pakistan

Name Surname: Mojgan M.Parviz and Leif Aage Johansen - Norway

We recently had to sell our beautiful second Home in Kemer. Thanks to dear Purlen and her knowledgeagble personal,it went very well and easy. We are very satisfied with the excellent service she offered us.

Name Surname: Nadja Vadim Lavrentiew


Надежда и Вадим Лаврентьевы, Франкфурт на Майне, февраль 2015


Наша маленькая мечта об уютном собственном уголке между морем и горами сбылась.И в этом целиком и полностью мы обязаны компании "2nd HOME". Если бы волей случая мы не узнали об их существовании и не прониклись бы безграничным доверием к ним,то мечта так бы и осталась мечтой. Каждый понимает,что дело хочется иметь с порядочными людьми и это именно они! Очень позитивное впечатление произвел ненавязчивый,но очень компетентный сервис. Во всем чувствовался не только профессиональный подход,но и глубокая человечность. Все документы по покупке нам удалось оформить в течении 3 дней,даже практически не причинив урона нашему отпуску. Особую благодарность мы бы хотели выразить семейной паре Джему и Сельде Аджар, которые были нашими сопроводителями на разных этапах обустройства в Турции. Все бытовые вопросы,покупка мебели,бытовой техники и многое другое были с легкостью решены Сельдой Аджар. Эта обаятельная,душевная женщина является чудесным профессионалом и замечательным,душевным человеком.Большое спасибо! С абсолютно чистой совестью и спокойным сердцем мы можем порекомендовать "2nd HOME"всем,кто желает приобрести свой заветный уголок под солнцем Турции. Это честные люди и им можно доверить свои деньги! Желаем компании дальнейшего процветания и много-много благодарных клиентов из разных стран!


Nadja und Vadim Lavrentiew, Frankfurt am Main, Februar 2015


Unser kleine Traum ist in Erfüllung gegangen!Wir haben unsere eigene Wohnung am Meer !Dafür wollten wir vom ganzen Herzen Immobilienfirma "2nd HOME" bedanken. Falls wir diese Firma nicht gefunden hätte, wäre unser Traum nur Traum geblieben.Alle wollen die Geschäfte nur mit den anständigen, zuverlässigen und ehrlichen Leuten führen und das sind sie! Einen sehr positiven Eindruck macht eine sehr professionelle,aber nicht aufdringliche Beratung und Begleitung. Man fühlt sich gut aufgehoben, in guten Händen sozusagen: mit viel Kompetenz, aber auch mit der tiefen Menschlichkeit. Alle unsere Papiere und Verwaltungsfragen haben wir in drei Tagen geklärt und das hat überhaupt zeitlich nicht unseren Urlaub beeinflusst.Besonders GROßES DANK wollten wir einer Ehepaar Cem und Selda Acar ausrichten. Sie waren unsere Begleiter und Berater auf dem ganzen Weg: vom Kauf bis der Einrichten der Wohnung. Alle organisatorische Fragen, Fragen mit Möbel, Geräte usw.Kauf, hat für uns Selda gemeistert.Sie ist eine sehr freundliche,sympatische und hilfsbereite Person. Vielen Dank, Selda! Mit ruhigem Gewissen können wir Firma "2nd HOME" weiter empfehlen. Das sind ehrliche Menschen und man kann ihnen eigenes Geld vertrauen! Wir wünschen "2nd HOME" erfolgreiche  Businesszeiten und viele-viele dankbare Kunden aus alle Länder!


Nadja und Vadim Lavrentiew, Frankfurt am Main, Februar 2015


Name Surname: Margi Simmons

To whom it may concern ,


I first contacted Second Home Turkey in 2008 when i was looking for property to buy on the coast.From the begining Sonmez and Purlen and the team were absolutely wonderful.Once I had given them my budget and specifications they came up with quite a few options and then advised me that I could not go wrong in buying off plan.They were absolutely right and the apartment I purchased was exactly what I had been looking for.

When it came to the purchase I flew over to Turkey to meet to sort out all the paperwork.They had recommended accommodation and a car hire company to use and from then on things could not have gone more smoothly.I was expecting a few days of sorting out all the paperwork and legalities.Sonmez picked me up in the morning and had everything so organized we were complete well before the end of the business day.

I left Turkey a week later with the Deeds to the Property and two new friends-such amazing service.

When it came to selling the property in early 2015, again the Second Home Team were outstanding.They advised me that as the market was slow they were not sure how long it would take to sell but would put the apartment up for sale .Rather than waiting for an offer , they actively marketed and it was sold within a week for the asking price .Who could ask for better service?

Once again when it came to the paperwork they made sure I was given the correct information and all I had to do was get the paperwork officially signed off,and as I could not make the trip to Turkey this time round they also helped me to get it all done from a distance.

I can only say that it was the most stress free experience I have ever had in buying and selling a property.I could not recommend Second Home Turkey more highly.

Yours faithfully,


Margi Simmons









Name Surname: Christopher Roy Johnson

Dear Pürlen and Team.

Thank you for making it so easy for me to sell my house through “secondhometurkey.com." I was amazed at the attention your team gave me, and how efficient you all are. I would recommend my friends and family to secondhometurkey.com, and just relax!

Kind regards, Happy Englishman.

Christopher Roy Johnson

Name Surname: Ertan Güvener

Dear Purlen hanım / Selda hanım and Sönmez bey, I would like to thank you and your team for all your support, dedication and efforts for my investment in Kemer which was really difficult for me without having your contribution and help.. your guidance and patience in this project made my decisions rather easy and healty.. I hope to work together in my future initiatives in Real Estate business..

Best regards,

Ertan Güvener

Name Surname: Peter Harrison


Once again I would like to thank you so very much for all the assistance, and patience, you have directed toward both the Toros Compound and the sale of my villa.

As for myself, as always, you both made me feel completely at home and I cannot possible convey the depth of my thanks. Your kindness is without compare and it was wonderful to see you both.

Look forward to see you again soon, please let me know if you need anything else from me.



Name Surname: Burak & Beste Sapaz

To whom it may concern; We were searching for a summer house in Antalya for a long time with my wife. And we were really concerned about the fact that we are living abroad and the process for the selection of a proper house and related formal procedures will be very difficult for us. But after we made contact with Ms. Selda Acar from 2nd Home Turkey Team, we saw that if you have an experienced and good real estate agency like this distances do not matter for such procedures. From the first day of our contact they show their professionalism, dedication to do their job in highest standarts and also their excellent attitudes to help people like us who live abroad. Actually, in the beginning we did not think that buying a property which is far away from us will be such an easy process, but thanks to God we found the perfect agency for this. They managed to keep communication updated and solve the problems via e-mail (and it is very important for us due to our heavy working hours) without giving us unnecessary headache. We really appreciate all their efforts and helps from beginning till end. When we arrived to Kemer for final transactions, it took only half of a day to receive our land registry. At the end of the day when i was resting in our new house, i still could not believe that it is over and we have the property in Kemer which we dreamed about. We would like to thank especially Ms. Selda Acar, and rest of the 2nd Home Turkey team also, for their great helps and efforts to complete all procedures. And also we are really happy to gain such good and honest friends in Kemer. We strongly recommend Ms. Selda Acar and 2nd Home Turkey Team to anyone who want to buy or sell a property in Antalya. Kind Regards Burak & Beste Sapaz

Name Surname: Jean Marie Robe

Mr Sonmez KARAKUS Second Home Turkey Kemer, Antalya Mr. KARAKUS and Second Home team , I want to thank you for the seriousness and professionalism of yourself and the agency have shown Second Home in the real estate transaction on my house in CAMYUVA (KEMER). I do not regret the confidence in this sale by proxy. Living and working in South America I have not needed to move me and you kept me regularly informed of the situation by email, commitments have been met. On the other hand I want to emphasize the rigorous financial monitoring over the past five years and the house was rented. Sincerely, Jean Marie Robe à

Monsieur Sonmez KARAKUS Second Home Kemer, Antalya Monsieur KARAKUS, Je tiens à vous remercier pour le sérieux et le professionnalisme dont vous même et l'agence Second Home avez fait preuve lors de la transaction immobilière concernant ma maison située à CAMYUVA (KEMER). Je ne regrette pas la confiance accordée lors de cette vente par procuration. Vivant et travaillant en Amérique du Sud je n'ai pas eu besoin de me déplacer et vous m'avez tenu informé régulièrement de la situation par mail; les engagements ont été respectés. D'autre part je tiens à souligner le suivi financier rigoureux durant ces cinq dernières années ou la maison était en location. Très cordialement, JM ROBE

Name Surname: Jenny Wu & Jari Liimatainen

Dear Mr Hakan, We really appreciate all assistance you provided during our stay in Kemer. We are happy to find our second home in Turkey finally. Thanks so much for making our dream come true and we will recommend 2nd home Turkey to our friends who might be interested in moving to Turkey as well.

Name Surname: Ramin Bonakdar

Dear Pürlen,

I would like to express my appreciation in regard of the fast job that you have done for us to sell the flat.
Your services from the begining till the end was excellent and we appreciate it,
Wish you all the very best,

Ramin Bonakdar

Name Surname: Jorun and Morten Asmyhr

Dear Hakan, and the rest of the staff at Second Home Turkey!

In early 2012 we were talking about the idea of a having our own apartment in a warmer country. For fun we had been searching the internet for properties in different countries.

We had never been to Turkey before, but we have several friends who already were established in the Alanya bay. So, first we started looking at properties there. There were

a lot to choose from and at every price levels. Then one day we had a visit from a friend of the family. She told us about Camyuva and Kemer and wanted us to seriously take

a look at that area too. She has an apartment in Viking Republic in Camyuva herself, and she convinced us to reconsider. After searching the internet for some alternatives in

the Kemer area we finally decided to make contact we a real-estate agent in both the Kemer area and another one in the Alanya area. We had already been searching some

references for the agent in the Alanya area, and after a quick search for an agent in the Kemer area the name Second Home Turkey came up as the no. 1 alternative. And after

a few mails back and forth with Hakan, and when he gently sent the P.S. I speak Norwegian it was settled! In march we went down to start looking at properties. First we had

agreed with Hakan two days in the Kemer area, before we were supposed to stay three days in Alanya. After a late night arrival on March 17th, Hakan picked us up early on the

18th to start the tour. First a couple of apartments in Kemer, and then we went to Camyuva. When we finally came to Viking Republic to look at the apartment he had for sale there,

and when he showed us the surroundings and the beach we totally fell in love with this place! Actually we said there was no point going to Alanya to take a look at properties

there, because we liked this so much already. But Hakan really advised us to take the trip to Alanya, so that we could have something to compare with, and so that we wouldnt

regret anything afterwards. Talk about honesty! So after two days in Kemer we went to Alanya. The plan was to stay there for three days, but after looking at apartments for two days we decided to go back to Kemer. We went directly to Camyuva and called Hakan to meet us at the apartment in Viking Republic. After a second look at the apartment, and talking to Hakan again we decided that we were ready to buy. And from the start we are very thankful for all the help and guidance we have received from Hakan and Second Home Turkey. The extreme efficiency and professionalism from Hakan when we came down again in the end of May was impressive. We had only a few days, but everything was taken care of! Through the bureaucracy and all the necessary things we had to do Hakan guided and helped us with all his knowledge. So when we were coming back in july to spend our first holiday in our new apartment everything was ready to use. And the help and guidance continues when we need it, and for that we are very thankful. If someone should ask us for advice if wanting to take a look at properties in Turkey we would send them directly to Second Home Turkey. They would be in the best possible hands!


Best regard, Jorun and Morten Asmyhr, Norway

Name Surname: Erik Kragh-Schwarz

Dear Hakan and Second Home Turkey team .

Thank you for all you have done for me. I will never forget your kindness and helpfullness.

People like you are so difficult to find and I consider my self so lucky to have met you.

May success and happyness follow you on your road.

All the best to you and your wife.

Erik Kragh-Schwarz

Name Surname: Liz & Colin Byrne

Dear Hakan
Colin and myself would like to thank you for professional service in selling our apartment on our behalf.
We were delighted with the speed in which you sold the property and the professional manner in which it was done.  You kept us updated on a regular basis which was very re-assuring for us both.
There was no stress in the sale of the apartment as all paperwork and other matters involved in the sale were dealt with by you, which made life so much easier for ourselves.
Once again thank you so much for your help, you are a credit to the Company.
Kind Regards
Liz & Colin Byrne

Name Surname: Carla og Sigmund Langerud

First of all we would like to thank the 2nd Home Turkey team, a real estate agency with appreciation for the excellent job, professionalism, and very high dedication to provide the service of the highest caliber, helping people like us.

Trough recommendation from friends, that already new about purchasing/selling property using 2nd Home Turkey, we took contact with 2nd Home Turkey. Our friends were selling their house in Camyuva, Kemer, to us, and we needed 2nd Home Turkey to help us with the Tapu that was going to be transferred over to our daugther and soninlaw.

After our first meeting, we had to go back to Norway. Before leaving to Norway, we were introduced to Mr. Hakan Caliskaner, whom would be our contact person. Hakan, would inform us when the Tapu had araiwed.

In the end of 2011 we got an e-mail from Hakan, that the Tapu had arrived, and we could come to Turkey and sign it. Our daugther is a school teacher, and has limited holidays, so we asked Hakan if he thought they could provide all the papers in one day.

We were so impressed with the service Hakan showed us. In the beginning of 2012, we met him in the morning at the 2nd Home Turkey office, all documentation and information was professional and convise and fully explained. He drove us around to all nessesary offices; first signing the Tapu, getting our Tax number and opening a Bank account. By two o\'clock in the afternoon everything was taken care of. So a big thank you to our friend Hakan.

Back home in Norway, following the Norwegian rules of giving property to our children, we had to fill in papers. We had to contact Hakan, and he read all our e-mails, was helpfull by e-mailing us back, and giving us all the details we needed. We felt that we could trust them as we trust ourself. So if you are looking to deal with people who are honest, reliable, and on top of their business, then you should take contact with 2nd Home Turkey.

It has been a very positive experience doing business with 2nd Home Turkey, and we wouldn\'t hesitate to recommend 2nd Home Turkey to anyone that wants to buy or sell a property (our other business) from overseas.

The service we have got from 2nd Home Turkey team is 1st class, and our dealings with Hakan were totally professional, friendly and a credit to the business. 

We have no hesitation in recommending the services of 2nd Home Turkey to anyone whom want to do any kind of business with the company.

Best regards, Carla and Sigmund Lena and Sigve

Name Surname: Mr Hamid Fathi & Ms Gitiy Darabi

Dear Mr Hakan
I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and my wife for your hospitality during our stay in Turkey. I would also like to thank your Management Team for the help that you have all given us to find the perfect holiday home in Turkey.
See you soon.
Kindest regards
Mr Hamid Fathi & Ms Gitiy Darabi

Name Surname: Gunnar & Torill

Å kjøpe leilighet i utlandet er ikke noe de fleste av oss gjør til daglig. Det var viktig for oss å få hjelp av noen vi kunne stole på. 2nd Home Turkey og Hakan viste seg å være et blinkskudd. Fra det tidspunkt vi begynte å se på ulike leiligheter til handelen var i orden, ble vi behandlet på en veldig profesjonell måte. Vi følte vi kunne stole på han i alle fasene av prosessen. Vi trengte tid på å bestemme oss for hvilken leilighet vi skulle velge, og Hakan var tålmodig hele veien.

Da vi hadde bestemt oss, og prisen var avtalt, gikk alt hurtig. Alt ble lagt til rette på en god måte, alle dokument ble ordnet. Hakan fikk fullmakt til å gjennomføre kjøpet uten at vi var til stede og vi slapp dermed en ekstra tur frå Norge til Tyrkia. Hakan har og vert svært behjelpelig med andre praktiske ting som for oss ville bli tungvint å ordne på egen hånd. Når vi spør Hakan om en tjeneste, er svaret alltid; ingen problem.

Vi vil på det sterkeste anbefale bruk av 2nd Home Turkey og Hakan ved kjøp eller salg av leilighet i Tyrkia.

Buying an apartment in another country is not something many of us do every day. It was important for us to get help from someone we can trust. 2nd Home Turkey and Hakan was the exactly the right one. From the moment we started looking at different apartments until the purchase was completed we were handled in a very professional manner and we felt that we could really rely on him through every step of the procedure. We had to take some time to think which apartment to choose and Hakan has been very patient all the way through.

When we finally decided on our apartment the process was very quick. Everything was arranged and all the documents were prepared. Hakan got POA from us to complete the purchase on behalf of us when we were not in Turkey, this way we did not have to take an extra trip to Turkey to sign the title deed. Hakan has also been very helpful with many thins after the purchase which could have been very difficult for us. When we asked him for a favor the answer has always been; no problem.

We highly recommend 2nd Home Turkey and Hakan for the sale or purchase of properties in Turkey.

Name Surname: Chris and Susie Kearton

My husband and I purchased three properties from Second Home Turkey several years ago.  Right from the day we contacted Purlen she has been helpful, approachable and professional.  She assisted us in furnishing each apartment, negotiated on our behalf to fix any outstanding building issues with the builder and organised tenants for each property.

In the last six months our circumstances changed and we needed to sell our apartments quite quickly.  Purlen took up the challenge and found buyers for the properties, keeping us informed along the way.  The communication link with Purlen was especially important as we were selling the apartments from half way around the world, but still the sales were made effectively. 

Purlen and Sonmez have our deepest gratitude as they went over and above what would normally be expected to help us out with the sales when we needed it most.

 Chris and Susie Kearton

Name Surname: George & Olga

Hi Pürlen ,

I would like to thank you and Sönmez and the ‘Team ‘ working for you .

On behalf of Oly and myself ; Thank you all for everything that you have done  and the time and effort  that you have spent helping us through.

Pürlen and Sönmez 

We came to Kemer  ‘ by accident ‘ and loved it . We met you and Sonmez ‘by accident ‘ and you won our trust , respect and our hearts .

You so easily , professionally and genuinely showed us around the area in our time.Then ‘ by accident ‘ we saw the Little White House ‘.  Then some how you made of the most stressful actions in life – Buying a House – into a painless stres free and pleasurable  occasion .

These were not accidents !!!

This was all up to you two people . This was completed  seamlessly by your selfless thought of others, by your understanding of the procedures involved , by your sheer determination and professionalism .

Ýn our case you have done much more , you have turned trust into friendship and affection .

Finally it has been our pleasure to do business with you both and our privilege to have met both of you and spent time with you .

Ýf ever you need anything and you think we can help , you only have to ask .

Bless you both for everything

Name Surname: David Gagilashivili

We would like to thank all 2nd HOME TURKEY team for all works were done. From the very beginning till the getting TAPU everyone worked very well , clear and nothing unnecessary.

From the beginning  it was pleasant that 2nd HOME TURKEY is really single whole, everyone knows his job well and everyone is irreplaceable person in business!

Everytime they met us very hospitality like relative people!
We bought our house in mortgage and in this connection it was necessary to collect all needed documents, be in contact with bank and ect. The 2nd HOME TURKEY has taken all troubles under their responsibility therefore all process has passed irreproachably! You can trust them as you trust to yourself.
As it is necessary to notice that documents have issued very quickly. 

All has been made for two weeks of our staying in Kemer!  
Many thanks we want to tell to Cem. On any question he will give the right answer, will advise as to do better in this or that situations. 
Even on small household questions will consult, always will help! 

It is possible to tell precisely that 2nd HOME TURKEY won't let you down! 
It is not necessary to search for someone else, don't waste your time!

Name Surname: Давид

Хотелось бы отблагодарить всю команду 2nd HOME TURKEY за проделанную работу! С самого начала нашего выбора дома до подписания договора и получения ТАПУ, ребята работали очень четко, слажено,  без лишних движений. Сразу понравилось, что 2nd HOME TURKEY есть единая команда, каждый из ребят занимается своим делом и каждый в своём деле незаменим. Нас всегда встречали радушно, как родственников!

Мы брали дом в ипотеку, в связи с этим пришлось повозиться с документами, с банком и т. д. Сотрудники 2nd HOME TURKEY взяли на себя всю работу по этому делу, поэтому весь процесс прошел безукоризненно! Им можно доверять, как самим себе!

Так же надо отметить, что документы оформили очень быстро. За две недели нашего пребывания в Кемере всё было сделано!  

Большое спасибо хотим сказать Джему. По любому вопросу даст правильный ответ, посоветует как лучше поступить в той или иной ситуации. Даже по мелким бытовым вопросам проконсультирует, всегда поможет!

Можно сказать точно, что  2nd HOME TURKEY  не подведёт! Не надо искать кого-то ещё, не теряйте время!

С уважением, Давид.

Февраль 2011 года

Name Surname: Ole Tom Michelsen

To whom it may concern.

Last Winter I decided that I should sell my house in beautiful Kemer. One of my friend recomended that I should talk to SecondHomeTurkey, which I have never regreted afterwords. Even though the market was a bit down at the moment, I realy felt that Purlen, Sonmez and their team put all their efford in to find clients to my house.

After finding the right client, every step of the process have bin handeled with the highest level of proffesjonalism. They followed up all the way until the money was safely on my account. All the members of the team are very friendly and more than average serviceoriented. I can highly recomend SecondHome as your partner if you are going to buy or sell property in Turkey

Best reg.

Ole Tom Michelsen


Name Surname: Karolina Okonek

To whom it may concern

 I had been to Turkey a couple of times, and early last year I started to think about buying a porperty there. I did some research on the internet, and scheduled an appointment with Second Home Turkey on my visit in May. Purlen and Cem showed me more than ten apartments in Antalya, out of which I chose two that I liked the best. Before I decided on one, I asked Purlen to show the apartment to my family, during their trip a couple of weeks later. I came to Turkey again shortly afterwards, to sign the papers and make the payment. In the meantime, Purlen made sure the builder finished the apartment for me, so that I could stay in it just a couple of days after signing the contract. She also ordered a bed for me and helped me buy curtains. All the legal paperwork was also done by her and Sonmez a couple of months later, so that I didnot have to come again to sign the remaining documents. I am grateful for their help, advice, and high quality service regarding the transaction procedure. I would also like to thank for their keeping an eye on the builder, and for after sales services. It was a pleasure to buy the property with Second Home Turkey and I am sure I will use their services again.

Karolina Okonek

Name Surname: Raje Kuman Bhagat

Dear Pürlen & Second Home Team ,

Thank you for the great understanding and diligence with which you conducted the purchase and the sale of my house .I am indeed impressed by your professionalism and speed at which you performed all transactions.

Finally your personel attention to all matters relating to sale as well as my stay in Kemer / Antalya is appreciated .

I wish you all a very succesful New Year and hope we meet again.

I will always recommend you for any real estate business in Kemer to all my friends.

Best wishes ,

Raje Kuman Bhagat

Name Surname: Alexey IPATOV

Хочется выразить свою благодарность фирме "СЕКОНД ХОУМ" и лично Джэму за содействие при покупке квартиры. Вся работа по оформлению документов была проведена просто безупречно. Давно не встречали такого профессионализма и человечности. Имея опыт покупки недвижимости в России, были очень приятно удивлены с какой быстротой и знанием своего дела. Джэм решает "неподъемные " для нас вопросы в налоговых органах, полиции, муниципалитете, банке и т.д.
Особая благодарность Джэму за бесценную помощь при решении бытовых вопросов, связанных с обустройством квартиры (покупка мебели, бытовой техники, штор и т.д.). Для нас была очень важна такая поддержка в тот момент.

Прожив уже две замечательные недели в нашей новой квартире, мы осознаем правильность выбора и как нам повезло с фирмой "СЕКОНД ХОУМ" и с таким человеком как Джэм.

С уважением и большой благодарностью, семья Ипатовых.

Желаем процветания вашему бизнесу.

Name Surname: Artem ve Marina

Идея приобрести недвижимость в Турции в Кемере в нашей семье возникла давно. Путь от идеи до практической реализации казался непреодолимым, учитывая бюрократию в нашей стране, в этой сфере. Собравшись с силами, мы начали поиск компании, которая помогла бы нам в реализации нашей идеи. Не секрет, что на рынке недвижимости, в Турции, много компаний ориентированных на российских клиентов. С некоторыми из них мы связались и начали переговоры. Сразу же стало понятно, что предъявляемым нами требованиям отвечают не все. В конце концов, в мы продолжили общение с двумя из них, одна из которых Second Home Turkey. В течение нескольких месяцев (это был только предварительный этап) от Second Home Turkey с нами работала Ольга Ветлугина, проявляя внимание, заботу и участие в нашем вопросе. В апреле мы приехали в Кемер, для того что бы посмотреть объекты и познакомиться с компаниями поближе. Во время знакомства и проведения переговоров с сотрудниками компаний нам стало понятно, что профессиональные вопросы, связанные с подбором, покупкой и процедурой оформления недвижимости у Second Home Turkey отработаны до мелочей. В чем, впоследствии, на практике, мы убедились. И так, выбор был сделан. За весь двух недельный период нашего пребывания в Кемере, мы были по-домашнему окружены максимальной заботой и вниманием со стороны сотрудников компании. Нам было предоставлено, для выбора, множество объектов на хороших условия. Оформление сделки прошло четко, безукоризненно, в минимально короткие сроки, без бюрократических проволочек. Хочется особенно отметить грамотную организацию работы всей команды, пунктуальность, доброжелательность, неформальное отношение к клиентам со стороны каждого сотрудника Second Home Turkey . Мы благодарны им за проявленное к нам внимание и терпение. Желаем Second Home Turkey дальнейшего процветания, а сотрудникам и их семьям счастья, здоровья и исполнения желаний! Огромное спасибо за осуществление нашей мечты! С уважением, Артем и Марина!

Name Surname: Peter Harrison


I would like to thank you, Sonmez, and the incredible team at Second Home Turkey, for the service provided during the search and purchase of our new home in Kemer. It seems strange that through the purchase of a home such a wonderful friendship should materialize; and for this too I thank you. Your exceptional kindness and hospitality shown to me and my family are seldom seen in today's world. You and your team are a wonderful example and a true reflection of your beautiful country, hospitable people and wonderful culture.

Upon our first trip to Kemer we were attracted to the incredible beauty of this region and the kindness shown to me and my children. It was these wonderful characteristics that drew us to Kemer and the dream home you helped us find. Our home in Beycik is a place of rest and relaxation and in today's busy world this is indeed hard to find. Every time I sit on the veranda and watch the colours of the mountains change with the setting sun I thank you.

During the process of purchasing such an incredible home I came to be fully dependant on your guidance, wisdom, honest opinion and foresight. It was obvious from the beginning that you, and your staff, were passionate about the services you provided so you had my utmost trust. Never before had I experienced such a service and the efficient process that was shown throughout the purchase of our new home. It was your support and intervention that turned what was viewed by me as a complicated process into that of a simple one. You were always quick to return any and all questions and it seemed that no request was beyond your endless capabilities.

It was also the assistance that you so kindly gave outside of the purchase that truly indicated the depth of your kindness, commitment and the professional services you offer. You monitored and helped with the completion of the home, helped the search for household items and even the many drives to and from the airport; you were always there to help. With all this in mind I would recommend you and Second Home Turkey  to anyone considering the purchase a home in the Kemer area.

Once again I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts and the kindness you gave during this purchase. Both Julie and Grant still comment on how wonderful you were and the extra attention you showed them. We looked forward to any time we can be at the new home and the exceptional time in your and Sonmez's company.

Thank you,

Peter Harrison
Subsea Technology Project, AC Power
ExxonMobil Development Company
17001 Northchase Dr.
Houston, TX 77060

Name Surname: Andrea Celon

I'm an Italian man living in Sydney-Australia.
Last year I had some money to invest and  I bought an apartment off the plan at the Valley Residence in Kemer.
For this purpose I found and contacted Second Home Turkey on the Internet and without the need to go to Turkey I had the opportunity to purchase the property and to do all the necessary paperwork from Sydney.
I wanted to own the appartment to go there during my holidays in summer.
Then happened that this year, just when the appartment was finished to be built, I decided  to sell it and to use that money to get married to my girlfriend.
Purlen, Elif and Sonmez from Second Home Turkey  assisted me in finding a new buyer and they also assisted me in the whole procedure of the sale process.
As a result, without going in Turkey at all, I was able to buy and then sell the property entirely via Internet.
This has been possible because Second Home Turkey are competent,  honest and professional.
I want to  thank  Second Home Turkey, it has been a very positive experience doing business with them and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Second Home Turkey to anyone that wants to buy or sell a property from overseas.
Yours faithfully
Andrea Celon

Name Surname: Mr. and Mrs. David A. Stapleton

To Whom It May Concern.
We had been thinking of a second home or holiday home somewhere for quite a while when one of our oldest (he would probably prefer longest) friends suggested we have a look in Turkey where he had a property.  So off we went to Kemer where we were met by Purlen who arranged our hotel accommodation and showed us around for a couple of days.   Saw some beautiful properties and no objection to us straying further afield to look at other houses in Sida.  But back we came to Kemer, narrowed down to three houses and no longer a summer holiday home but a real second home that we have all fallen in love with.   
As if showing us around and entertaining us wasn't enough, Purlen, Sonmez and Elif were there to help us with our local rates and other advice when we returned for our first full holiday and have now also helped us to purchase a lovely two bedroom duplex apartment outside Kemer which Elif has expertly furnished on our behalf.
We feel extremely lucky to have been introduced to all at Second Home Turkey and thank them for all their help and support in finding ourselves a real home there.
Yours faithfully,

Name Surname: Harald Ernberg


I am a former counsellor to many Embassies of Sweden in several countries, among others the Embassy of Sweden in Turkey in Ankara during the years 1990 to 1994 incl. Together with my wife and our four children we have been moving to may new houses in many countries and of course been using real estate agencies in these countries. Thus we have quite a lot of experience of such agencies. Good and bad experiences.

When we for various reasons  had to sell our house in Kemer, Turkey after eight very nice years living there we took contact with Mrs Elif Kayikcioglu of 2nd Home Turkey in Kemer. From the first meeting we were very happy with Mrs. Kayikciouglu and her staff. She and her staff have been very effective, honest, accurate and exact when talking to us and to prospective buyers of our house.

Compared with all other real estate agencies which we have been in contact with in many countries  2nd Home Turkey is definitively one of the best.

I can therefore happily  and definitively recommend 2nd Home Turkey to any one looking for a nice house to buy or sell.

Båstad May 31, 2010

Harald Ernberg

Now retired from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Name Surname: Hanaa Alghamdi

I was thinking of buying an apartment in Antalya, I've never been to Antalya but I was planning to buy a house some place near the beach, my friend mentioned Antalya and I started searching through the internet.

I found some sites, I liked what i saw and the prices suite my budget. so I sent a couple of mails to those sites, but Purlen from 2nd home was the one who answered me so Professionally that I forgot about the others and we started emailing each other to get to what I really want.

When I arrived to Antalya I met Purlen and her husband Sonmez whom I discovered later that he's one of the owners. They were very helpful, very professional and very friendly. My mother was with me and they started treating her as their mother immediately. In two days I found the house I want. Purlen even helped me in finding a respectful solicitor and we finished everything in the same day. So the whole thing took from me 3 days. That was perfect. I forget to mention that Purlen helped also in getting me a perfect offer by which I got the furniture in the apartment I bought. Isn't that marvelous. I think I won friends for a lifetime. They even invited us for lunch twice, and I can tell, they were expensive invitations. Thank you Purlen, thank you Sönmez, you made my dream come true Hanaa Alghamdi

Name Surname: Andrew , Fay Wielochowski

We were sitting in our rental car in the pouring rain in Kemer on a November afternoon - with just a few hours left before our flight back home. Our thirds holiday had been wonderful and the idea to live in Turkey had taken seed - we had been looking around. Now driving along we noticed the Secondhome office. Why not drop in?

Did we know what we wanted, how much to spend, where??? Not really however - Elif and Purlen did not seem put out by this and soon we were taken on a tour of the locality - and indeed we came across a house that immediately felt right! We made it to Antalya for the flight and the rest was done by email. In March we came back and had the keys to our new home.

But just as important were those first few days in Turkey, being guided by them through the intricacies of Turkish bureaucracy to sort out the title deed (TAPU) , residence permit, water, electricity, telephone, internet.  They were patient, helpful and efficient.

Dreams can come true.

Thank you Purlen, Elif, Sonmez, Selda - and the lady who makes the endless cups of tea and coffee.

Name Surname: Chris and Susie Kearton

To Whom It May Concern: My wife and I have been dealing with Purlen and Elif of Second Home Turkey for a couple of years and in that time they have shown several properties to us. So far we have purchased three properties and on each occasion the process has been smooth and professional.

Since then we have decided to rent them all out and they have assisted us in furnishing each apartment, they have negotiated on our behalf to fix any outstanding building issues with the builder and have organised tenants for each property at a satisfactory rental charge.

They even assisted us to open Turkish bank accounts. In addition to this they have sent updates to us including many current photographs of our apartments. To sum up they have done a great job and have made the issue of purchasing and renting property in a foreign country with a different language very easy. They are well supported by the rest of the Second Home team and are a pleasure to deal with Chris and Susie Kearton

Name Surname: Paul Meehan- UK

To whom it may concern ; 

 I have now been working with all the team at Second Home Turkey for over 5 years, after branching out into buying a second home and later into property development in Turkey. This really follows on from being involved in the UK and Spanish market for 15 years.
 In 15 years, I have experienced all the ups and downs that houses and property can throw at you, and met some great people and unfortunately some not so great people and companies. The reason I am still involved in Turkey is simply down the effort and attention that Purlen, Elif & Sonmez have applied in the past 5 years meeting some of my difficult requests.   Like anyone buying outside their own country for the first time, whether it is a dream second home, or for investment - you really are taking a  leap of faith . You may not understand the property law, pricing approach or even where to buy or not to buy - so finding someone you can really trust to advise you, is the most important step you can take. Just to add to this, many real estate companies I have met, are of course very friendly when it comes to the initial visits, meetings and tours, all the way to the date you sign the contract - but it is at this point when you really need the service and trust (the aftersales bit) - and this is where Second Home Turkey really impressed me, while others let me down.  

Living in the UK and not having the luxury of being able to just drop everything in my business to  pop  across to Turkey, I need not just a real estate company, but a partner in Turkey. So having the support mechanism that the team offer me from initial selection of the property that meets my needs, to viewing (physical or remotely), through purchase, translation, legal and conveyancing is critical. In the age of low cost airlines, cheap internet deals and ebay; you often forget how important good service is.   Next time you have terrible service in a restaurant or at an airport; just think how re-assuring it is when things go smoothly and you can actually talk to somebody knowledgeable, who can solve your problem. This for me, sums up the service I enjoy working with the Second Home Turkey team.  Understanding, knowledgeable and giving you the valuable time you need to talk through your ideas, fears and concerns. Good service - you cant knock it!!   If you haven t yet visited Kemer/Antalya and this region of Turkey, you are also in for a treat. Its natural beauty is stunning - with mountains, streams, forests and of course the beaches and sea.

There s no sign of the region becoming another  High rise hell and even in the past 5 years with more people looking to settle down with a second home - it still keeps its natural charm.   So if your thinking of taking a look at this beautiful area - whether for your dream second home, or even for investment, I would not hesitate to recommend the team at Second Home Turkey. If a new home in this beautiful region of the world isn t for you, well at least Sonmez knows some great restaurants!! _____________________________________________________ Paul Meehan

Name Surname: Mark and Juno

Through recommendation from a friend already involved in purchasing property using Second Home Turkey,we bought a two-bedroom apartment off-plan in January 2009.While there is always a risk with such a venture, Second Home Turkey were able to guarantee that the contractors would build to schedule and provide quality buildings and finishings, which they did.Second Home Turkey managed all the necessary administration during construction, provided friendly personal services to help us finalise the contract, organise local banking facilities and furnish the apartment during our visit to Kemer.Within a few weeks of the completion date,they have also managed to find suitable tenants to occupy the apartment for at least the next twelve months, during which time they will also oversee the property on our behalf.Little more than one year on, we are the proud owners of a desirable property in a beautiful setting near Kemer.More importantly, the friendly professional services of Second Home Turkey which have made the whole project so smooth and trouble-free, from purchasing to organising rental, provide us with peace-of-mind knowing that the management of our apartment is in safe hands.

Name Surname: Dimitry Vygolov

Уважаемые дамы и господа, если вы читаете этот текст, значит вам очень повезло, вы попали на сайт ПРАВИЛЬНОЙ фирмы, в которой работают профессиональные и порядочные люди, а это уже немало. Правда? Для людей которые ищут недвижимость в чужой и неизвестной для них стране это гарантированный результат осуществления своей мечты. Вы можете подумать, что это письмо пишется в рекламных целях, и это будет ваше право так думать, но вынуждены вас огорчить, ваша проницательность вас подвела в этот раз, мы один из вас те, кто задумался о СВОЕМ ВТОРОМ доме в Турции. Мы не будем утомлять вас всеми перипетиями и рассказами о нашем пути в поисках своего дома, но можем сказать это была тернистая и сложная дорога, было много разочарований, и наступали периоды отчаянья. И происходило это, из-за нечестных и непрофессиональных риэлторов, которые обещали сделать все что угодно, продать все что угодно Но кончалось все банально, давайте подпишем контракт и внесите задаток(предоплату, депозит) одни словом ДАЙТЕ чуть денег, как серьезность ваших намерений. Нам с женой помог случай, мы через объявление о продаже дома, вышли на компанию Ваш второй дом в Турции. Мы конечно их сильно утомили, своими требованиями к дому который нам нужен. Пересмотрели кучу домов и тех которые они нам предлагали и тех которые мы искали сами. Они перепроверили много документов на дома которые мы им показывали, объясняя нам все нюансы турецкого законодательства по приобретению недвижимости для иностранцев. Одним словом работали честно, открыто, терпеливо и профессионально. Наши совместные усилия, привели к результату мы живем в НАШЕМ доме. Сотрудники компании Ваш второй дом в Турции взяли все заботы начиная от сложных торгов с хозяином дома до организации косметического ремонта уже НАШЕГО дома. И сейчас по многим вопросам нашего быта и жизни, мы звоним им зная что они ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО помогут. Когда мы с женой сели, писать это письмо, мы думали кого бы нам особенно выделить из компании и пришли к выводу, что это не возможно. Они все первые и все лучшие. Мы им всем благодарны и очень их любим. А вам кто дочитал это письмо до конца УДАЧИ в обретении своего ВТОРОГО ДОМА!!!

Name Surname: Marina and Kevin Keegan

We would like to say big Thank you to Purlen ,Sonmez Elif and Selda.Without you we never could find `our home`and never could get decision to buy it. We could highly recommend `The SecondHomeTurkey` because of their very good quality service profesionalism and friendly attitude. We wish them all the best in future.

from Marina and Kevin Keegan(Blackpool.UK)

Name Surname: Christopher KEARTON

My wife and I would like to thank you very much for facilitating the purchase and furnishing of our property in Kemer.  Purlen and Elif in particular helped us through all stages including the initial selection and purchase, then later the furnishing and title transfer. We have no hesitation in recommending Second Home Turkey as the ideal way to help you get into the Turkish property market.  Kearton 

Name Surname: JAN AND ROSS

We would like to thank Second Home Turkey,Elif and Purlen in particular,for helping us find and purchase our lovely apartment in Kemer. In March 2009 we went to Turkey to view many properties,in a different town, with pre-arranged visits,alas,nothing inspired us.Purlen took us for coffee and suggested   as we had nothing arranged that afternoon that maybe she would take us the 45 minute drive to Kemer and show us the area.That is the best thing we did! We just loved the area as soon as we got there without even getting out of the car! Purlen showed us an already completed complex which we loved and then showed us an off-plan complex by the same builder.That was it,we had fallen in love with the surrounding forests and mountains.Purlen then dropped us off for an hour in town so as we could look at what Kemer had to offer then she picked us up later and took us back to the office and made us food (we had been out since 9.30a.m and it was now past tea-time).Purlen,then got someone to take us back to our hotel in Lara,where we seriously thought over things that night.The following day we cancelled our appointmentment with another agent and contacted Purlen.She immediately came to pick us up from Lara and took us back to Kemer,where after another viewing,lunch and look around the town we decided to make our first overseas purchase! Purlen took us to open a bank account,get our tax number and various other legalities we needed to do(i must say things moved a lot faster than they would here in England!) We were then back in England 2 days later but Second Home Turkey kept in regular contact with updates,the builder had cameras on site so we could watch the progress of the build. In February 2010 we returned.Elif took us to our brand new apartment and to the tax office and land registry so we could get our tapau.Elif took us to furniture shops,curtain shops,light shops where she painstakingly waited for me to make my mind up then change it then make it up again(sorry Elif).We would like to thank you all for your hard work,committment,kindness and patience and will not hestitate in recommending you to anyway else!Best regards Jan and Ross..

Name Surname: Dimitry Vygolov

Sayýn Bayanlar ve Baylar, bu metni okuyorsunuz ise – bu çok þanlýsýnýz demektir, çok dürüst ve profesyonel insanlarýn çalýþtýðý DOÐRU þirketin sitesindesiniz, bu ise hiç az deðil. Doðru mu? Yabancý ve bilmedikleri bir ülkede gayrimenkul arayan insanlar için bu - kendi hayallerinin hayata geçmesinde garantili sonuçtur.  

Bu mektubun reklam amaçlý yazýldýðýný düþünebilirsiniz, böyle düþünmeye hakkýnýz vardýr, fakat sizi maalesef üzmeliyiz, basiretiniz sizi bu defa yanýltmýþtýr, biz de sizin gibi Türkiye’de KENDÝ ÝKÝNCÝ evini düþünenlerdeniz.    

Kendi evimizi ararken yolumuza çýkan tüm ani deðiþiklikler ve hikayeler ile sizi yormayacaðýz, ama bunun iniþli yokuþlu ve çetin yol olduðunu ve bir çok hayal kýrýklýðý ve çaresizlik dönemleri yaþadýðýmýzý söyleyebiliriz.  Bunun nedeni de, her þeyi yapmayý ve her þeyi satmayý vaat eden dürüst ve profesyonel olmayan emlakçýlardý. Fakat her þey çok basit bitiyordu, gelin kontrat imzalayalým ve kaparo (ön ödeme, depozito) ödeyin, tek kelimeyle niyetinizin ciddi olduðunu göstermek için bir az PARA verin.

Bana ve eþime bir fýrsat yardýmcý oldu, evin satýþ ilaný vasýtasýyla Second Home Turkey þirketini bulduk. Tabi ki, aradýðýmýz eve olan taleplerimizle onlarý çok yorduk. Onlarýn bize teklif ettiði ve kendimizin bulduðu çok sayýda eve baktýk. Gösterdiðimiz bilumum evlerin her türlü belgelerini kontrol ettiler ve yabancýlarýn gayrimenkul edinmeleri ile ilgili Türk mevzuatýnýn bütün inceliklerini bize anlattýlar. Tek kelimeyle, dürüst, açýk, sabýrla ve profesyonel þekilde çalýþtýlar. Ortak gayretlerimiz BÝZÝM evimizde yaþamamýzla sonuçlandý. 

Second Home Turkey þirketinin çalýþanlarý, ev sahibi ile pazarlýktan baþlayarak artýk BÝZÝM evimizin ince tadilat iþlerinin organizasyonuna kadar, bütün iþleri üstlendiler.  Þimdi de yaþam ve hayatýmýzla ilgili olan birçok konuda onarlý arýyoruz ve biliyoruz ki MUTLAKA yardým edecekler. 

Eþimle bu mektubu yazmaya oturduðumuzda, düþündük ki acaba þirket çalýþanlarýndan özellikle kimi ileri sürebiliriz ve bu sonuca vardýk ki – bu imkansýzdýr. Hepsi birinciler ve hepsi en iyiler. Hepsine teþekkürlerimizi sunarýz ve hepsini çok seviyoruz.

Size, bu mektubu sonuna kadar okuyanlar için de kendi ÝKÝNCÝ EVLERÝNÝN alýmýnda BAÞARI dileriz!    

Name Surname: Артем и Марина

Идея приобрести недвижимость в Турции в Кемере в нашей семье возникла давно. Путь от идеи до практической реализации казался непреодолимым, учитывая бюрократию в нашей стране, в этой сфере. Собравшись с силами, мы начали поиск компании, которая помогла бы нам в реализации нашей идеи. Не секрет, что на рынке недвижимости, в Турции, много компаний ориентированных на российских клиентов. С некоторыми из них мы связались и начали переговоры. Сразу же стало понятно, что предъявляемым нами требованиям отвечают не все. В конце концов, в мы продолжили общение с двумя из них, одна из которых Second Home Turkey. В течение нескольких месяцев (это был только предварительный этап) от Second Home Turkey с нами работала Ольга Ветлугина, проявляя внимание, заботу и участие в нашем вопросе. В апреле мы приехали в Кемер, для того что бы посмотреть объекты и познакомиться с компаниями поближе. Во время знакомства и проведения переговоров с сотрудниками компаний нам стало понятно, что профессиональные вопросы, связанные с подбором, покупкой и процедурой оформления недвижимости у Second Home Turkey отработаны до мелочей. В чем, впоследствии, на практике, мы убедились. И так, выбор был сделан. За весь двух недельный период нашего пребывания в Кемере, мы были по-домашнему окружены максимальной заботой и вниманием со стороны сотрудников компании. Нам было предоставлено, для выбора, множество объектов на хороших условия. Оформление сделки прошло четко, безукоризненно, в минимально короткие сроки, без бюрократических проволочек. Хочется особенно отметить грамотную организацию работы всей команды, пунктуальность, доброжелательность, неформальное отношение к клиентам со стороны каждого сотрудника Second Home Turkey . Мы благодарны им за проявленное к нам внимание и терпение. Желаем Second Home Turkey дальнейшего процветания, а сотрудникам и их семьям счастья, здоровья и исполнения желаний! Огромное спасибо за осуществление нашей мечты! С уважением, Артем и Марина!

Name Surname: Margi Simmons

I have recently completed the purchase of a flat in Kemer, Turkey through Second Home Turkey.

From my initial visit in July 2008 through to the transfer of title deeds in September 2009, Purlen, Sonmez and Elif have been an incredibly efficient, friendly and helpful team.

Purlen arranged a hotel for my initial visit and had arranged a lot of places for us to see. On my return to Qatar and a change in circumstances I re-contacted her to see if she could help me find something more suitable to the places I had initially looked at. She and Sonmez suggested buying a flat off plan, and went through all the process with me.

Once I had decided to go ahead they were very good at keeping me updated and ensuring I knew exactly what stage the build was at on a regular basis.

When I planned to visit in July 2009, Purlen and Sonmez were extremely helpful and not only booked a hotel and hire car for me but also helped me to arrange a day’s diving and were very helpful in suggesting places to shop and eat and see in the area.

Sonmez and Elif were very efficient in arranging all the paperwork that needed to be done in order for me to purchase the flat, so much so that it was all done in the course of one morning, was is very impressive.

I would have no hesitation, and in fact already have recommended them to friends of mine who have bought or are considering purchasing a Second Home in Turkey.

Margi Simmons

Name Surname: Alexander S.Skaridov

The Second Home Turkey, a real estate agency with appreciation for the excellent job, professionalism and very high dedication to provide the service of the highest caliber, helping people to find their new homes.

We testify that all crew members of the Agency goes the extra mile their clients and does everything to appease their every need. If you are looking to deal with a people who are honest, reliable, and on top of their business, then Second Home Turkey is the agency for you.

From our own experience we can ensure all that Agency personal with treat every cliet like a member of their own family and you will definitely feel that you are under safe hands.

Alexander S.Skaridov

The President 

St Petersburg Maritime Law Association

Name Surname: Dean Stelfox and Muruvet Patir

Dean Stelfox and Muruvet Patir - UK- Dubai

Dear Purlen, Sonmez and Elif,

We just wanted to write and say a big thank you to you all for your help in finding us a truely remarkable property in Kemer.  Although I guess I was more comfortable than most foreign buyers as my partner, Muruvet, is also Turkish I was very impressed with how smoothly the process went ; You explained everything clearly, followed up and sent emails or called when you said you would and were always available to help answer any questions which we had.

I also believe there are benefits to the Turkish system where you act for both the buyer and the seller; We felt very comfortable with you acting as the 'buffer' between the two sides and we did not once feel that there was a conflict of interest or that you were being anything other than impartial.

As many others have noted on your site, the first-class customer service doesn't stop when the cheques have cleared.

Having just spent the most amazing week setting up our villa ready for the summer we would also like to say a big thank you for all of your help with arranging the airport pick up and hire car, your recommendations and advice on insurance issues, shipping and everything else.

It was truly service 'above and beyond'. I note from one of the other testimonials that others felt that you treated them "like very old and close friends" - this is exactly how we felt with Second Home.

In short, Second Home has been outstanding - we would not hesitate to recommend Second Home to anyone wishing to buy their dream property in Turkey.

Kind regards,

Dean Stelfox and Muruvet Patir

Name Surname: Jean Marie ROBE

Avec Second Home, j'ai pu acquérir une résidence secondaire en Turquie, dans la région de Kemer, à Camyuva.  Ne parlant pas la langue et sans connaître les arcanes administratives locales, il m'aurait été difficile, voir impossible de réaliser ce projet. Second Home a été un relais efficace. Les délais administratifs annoncés ont toujours été respectés et il n'y a pas eu de mauvaise surprise concernant le budget conforme au prévisionnel. Je suis maintenant propriétaire depuis un an et Second Home continue d'être une aide précieuse: petits travaux, organisation des transferts à partir de l'aéroport, petits travaux .... Second Home s'adapte à mes demandes.

Name Surname: David Hart & Christine Andrews

To all at Second Home Turkey. Just a quick note to let anyone considering using Second Home Turkey for buying, selling or renting a property in Turkey, that we would strongly recommend your company.

The service we have received from finding a property, to buying the property, to renting out the property and finally in selling the property has been faultless. I would definently recommend your company and use you ourselves again with no hesitation.

Please feel free to pass on our e mail address if it helps. Thanks again Dave and Chris

Name Surname: Andrew Leech & Anthony Shaw

I am writing this letter on behalf of Anthony and myself to thank you all for the service you gave us whilst purchasing our apartment in Turkey.

The service you gave us was of the highest calibre. Both Anthony and I had no experience whatsoever in purchasing property abroad. So we were very cautious this is when you took us by the hand so to speak and explained in detail every stage of the process in purchasing our property.

What really impressed us was the "extras" that we were given from the transfer from the airport to taking us shopping for furniture.you had everything covered I would like to say we commend you on your professionalism and we would like to think that in our dealings with you we have made some good friends also.

Anthony and I both agree if there is anything whatsoever we can do for you please please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us and we will endeavour to do our utmost to help you. All The Best Andy Leech

Name Surname: Christian MELNIK

I Have been looking for a property in Turkey for a few months and among several agents I have been in touch with, Second Home Turkey have provided the most professional and reliable service. My interests have gone through the purchase of a plot, a detached villa, and an off plan project. SecondHome Turkey has provided me with adapted offers in each case, giving all necessary information, details, and advises in every specific situation. Finally I have chosen to purchase a plot with an off plan construction project on it. It appeared to be a relatively complex deal, and Secondhome has contributed a lot to make it smooth and secure. 

Christian Melnik

Name Surname: Inger Lovise Lunde

Inger Lovise Lunde, Norway

We were looking for a place in Kemer or Antalya, when we discovered Second Home on the internet.

We had no experience using brokers abroad before, so we were a bit sceptic with no reason.

We ended up using Second Home in Turkey and we ended up with a flat in Camyuva, Kemer and we have never regretted it.

Purlen and her company are very easy to work with, very service minded, friendly and extremely professional.

Everything we ask for is done with a smile and on time. We can highly recommend this company!

Best regard Inger Lovise Lunde (with familiy)

Name Surname: Steinar Hansen

Steinar Hansen, Norway

NorwayJeg kjøpte en leilighet i Camyuva gjennom 2 Home Turkey i 2008. Jeg ble fra første stund tatt i mot med åpne armer. Da vi kom ned første gang for å ordne med alle papirer blev vi hentet på hotellet der vi bodde av en represntant av 2.Home Turkey. Han hjalp oss og kjørte oss til de respektive offentlige kontorer for at alt skulle være i orden. Kontoret deres i Kemer er alltid åpen for en prat, så de lever opp til firmanavnet. Jeg kan på det sterkeste anbefale alle som ønsker å kjøpe bolig i Kemer området å ta kontkat med 2. Home Turkey. Jeg kan garantere at ingen vil angre på det.

Vennlig hilsen

Name Surname: Vasily KOVRISHKIN

Настоящим письмом я бы хотел поблагодарить команду компании SECONDHOMETURKEY за профессионально выполненную работу.


Я решил приобрести квартиру в Турции в июне 2008 года, а это время в Турции были приостановлены сделки с недвижимостью, осуществляемые иностранцами. Парламент Турции должен был принять новый закон, регламентирующий такие сделки. Кроме этого существовали (и существуют на дату написания настоящего письма) правила по регистрации недвижимости иностранцами в гос органах в Анкаре и военном министерстве в Измире. Все эти органы требуют по несколько месяцев на одобрение сделок. Все эти препятсвия обещали потратить мне почти год на регистрацию своей сделки, однако благодаря качественной, ответсвенной и профессиональной работе команды компании, а особенно госпожы Элиф, сделка была осуществлена в кратчайшие сроки сразу после принятия парламентом Турции соответствующего закона. Закон был принят в октябре, а Тапу (турецкий аналог российской «зеленки») была получена мной в декабре.

Хочу отметить, что владея английским языком, я не слова не понимал по турецки и во многих случаях мне приходилось довольствоваться устным переводом, что очень сильно меня волновало. Переборов все свои сомнения, я  подписал контракт и в итоге остался полностью удовлетворен результатами. Еще раз спасибо компании SECONDHOMETURKEY за их качественно и ответсвенноственно сделанную работу.

Name Surname: Sylvie et Nick Bartholomey

Je voulais vous remercier pour votre exellent Travail que vous avez fait pour nous. Pour nous c´etait une Honneur et une Joie de vous avoir rencontrer.On ce  sentait trés bien avec vous. Merci pour votre Engagement. Sylvie et Nicholas Bartholomey

Name Surname: Jim Mulholland

Dear Purlen/ Sonmez/Elif

The service that you gave to me and my Family was truly outstanding, and each time we met it was evident that you cared so passionately, about the well being of you clients.

Although you work jointly for both the seller and the purchaser it seemed strange to us at first and we were wary of this  This is because we do not have a system like yours in England, where the Agent works equally for both the seller and the buyer, but I can see now that it has very positive benefits. You were neither biased in your opinions or actions whatever the situation. And you always spoke the truth and were totally honest you made the whole experience from the initial enquiries we made via e-mail about the property market in the Antalya area to the benefit of holidays and buying especially in the magnificent town of Kemer. Seeing is believing - the minute we saw Aslanbuchek/Kemer our minds were made up. Right from the very start of the initial viewing we made of the property you had on offer you introduced us to English people who owned property and gave impartial advice, through to the purchase and Title Deed to the complete furnishing - you were there to help. As you know I made my mind up within 24 hrs
I must also give a big thank you to  Sonmez for his friendliness in picking us up and taking us to purchase furniture ,curtains, organizing and overseeing the deliveries cleaners etc, what agent would take you to a hotel  for 3 nights to relax while this was going on then to the supermarket  for food  especially with 2 young children in tow No one would in England would  He also arranged to set up our Tax number and open Bank accounts and this was before we had completed our viewing's or had decided to buy. you were both quick and efficient in responding to all of the questions that we often presented you with, I would recommend anyone to buy in Kemer, but most importantly I would tell them that Second Home Turkey are the people to deal with.  My friends have asked how easy it was to buy in Turkey
I tell them to contact Second Homes and speak to them then, you will buy and most important you will gain new friends like we did
So to you all you are very special people and friends who I will not forget
And I will be buying off you again

Jim, Kathy and children Matthew Susannah

Name Surname: Dave Hart

To all at Second Home Turkey. Just a quick note to let anyone considering using Second Home Turkey for buying, selling or renting a property in Turkey, that we would strongly recommend your company.

The service we have received from finding a property, to buying the property, to renting out the property and finally in selling the property has been faultless.

I would definently recommend your company and use you ourselves again with no hesitation.

Please feel free to pass on our e mail address if it helps.

Thanks again Dave and Chris

Name Surname: Murat Aygun & Julietta Manzoni

A toute l'équipe de second home turkey

Nous voulons vous remercier car on avait un rève, acheter une maison en Turquie. Grâce a vous notre réve c'est realisé, vous nous avez aidé dans tous les domaines, amenager la maison, entreprendre tous les travaux comme si c'était pour vous. besoin.  On vous remercie encore Julietta et Murat de la Belgique

Name Surname: Carol Jonkman

Carol Jonkman- UK

To those of you that are interested in having 2nd home look for a property for you in Turkey.

The personal service that you receive is second to none. They will do every thing and anything to cater for your needs and financial requirements. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

If you need information from 2nd home and you are back in the U.K, they will help you regardless of you not being in Turkey. They are very friendly and know there contacts, although if you need to buy your new belongings like a table and chairs, have fun looking around, or it will be done for you.

From personal experience, we ordered a fridge/freezer, washing machine and a gas hob and it was all delivered on the same day that we ordered it. Now we all know if that was in the U.K, that would have taken 6 weeks, and all sorts of extra charges would have been put on top.

Enjoy being chauffeured around and trust that you do not need a lawyer, it is all above board.

I would like to finish off by saying a huge thank you for all your hard work in helping us have our 2nd home in Turkey.

Best Wishes,

Carol Jonkman and Jo

Name Surname: Proffesor, Suleyman Demokan

It is with much pleasure that I write this testimonial for Second Home Turkey, who have helped us buy a villa in Kemer.

From the time that you have provided information to me about the properties that I was interested in your website, to the time you have taken us around to visit many of these properties, your assistance have been most valuable.

Your website contains very detailed and accurate information about all available properties. You were very accommodating about providing additional information and did this promptly and in a most good natured way.

After we produced a shortlist of properties to visit, the hospitality you showed us during our visit to Antalya - by picking us from the airport, by providing luxury and gratis accomodation to us in a 5-star hotel, by taking us around to see 6 villas within a very short time period because of our shortage of time - ensured that we were able to decide to buy one of these villas in a stress-free manner.

The efficiency with which you conducted the buying procedures on our behalf made the whole venture seem very simple and problem-free.

Furthermore, your office was ready to help us in any way when we were moving in.

Most importantly, during all this time, you treated us as if we were very old and close friends. The property you sold us is delightful and we are very happy to be living in it during our visits to Turkey.

Thank you so much for everything.

Proffesor, Suleyman Demokan / Hong-Kong


Name Surname: Павел, Дмитрий / Санкт-Петербург – Чамъюва (Туция)

Прежде всего хотим выразить нашу признательность всему коллективу риэлтерской компании «Второй дом в Турции» (Пурлен и Сонмез, Элиф и Сайда) за их, без преувеличения, фантастическую работу.

На всем протяжении работы по продаже и оформлению недвижимости, команда работала очень профессионально и слаженно. Были предусмотрены все мелочи, которые могли бы помешать сделке, начиная от обеспечения транспортом и жильем и заканчивая безупречным и оперативным оформлением необходимых документов – турецкий паспорт, регистрация в налоговой инспекции и полиции, договор купли-продажи и другое. В процессе рассмотрения вариантов недвижимости не было оказано никакого давления со стороны компании, информация о недвижимости предоставлялась весьма объективно, никакие недостатки не были скрыты или замолчаны.

Подготовка и оформление контрактных документов были выполнены на высоком уровне, никакие дополнительные требования со стороны клиента не были отвергнуты. Более того, предусмотрительность компании позволила в критической ситуации избежать неприятных проблем. Дело в том, что по запросу кадастрового управления было приостановлено действие закона о продаже недвижимости иностранцам в связи с двусмысленными формулировками. Соответственно до выпуска новой редакции закона была приостановлена и выдача документов (TAPU). По совету Элиф нами были оформлены доверенности на ведение всех наших дел компанией, благодаря чему буквально за один день до приостановления выдачи документов, компания все-таки успела их получить. Это уже высокий класс мастерства.

Привыкшие к нашему российскому ненавязчивому сервису, мы были поражены услугами компании, в общем никак не относившиеся к продаже недвижимости. Находясь в Петербурге мы неоднократно просил Элиф купить в квартиры, то посудомойку, то плиту, то кондиционеры и другое и обеспечить их установку. И это было сделано в кратчайшие сроки, причем абсолютно безвозмездно. А ведь люди теряли время и были оторваны от основной деятельности. В результате, приехав первый раз на отдых, мы не испытывали никаких неудобств с первого дня. Вода текла, кондиционеры работали, машины мыли и стирали, свет горел.

Подытоживая, хотим отметить, что если Вы остановите свой выбор на компании Second home in Turkey Вы точно не прогадаете и будете спокойны за свое время и деньги и в результате получите доброкачественный товар и услуги. Еще раз спасибо компании.

Name Surname: Victoria B. Donaldson

I would highly reccommend using the services of Elif Kayikcioglu from Second Home Turkey and the team from my personal experience.

I have recently sold my villa and ran into difficulties and there was a long delay completing the sale. Second Home Turkey was recommended to me by a friend and I contacted this agency for assistance. I explained my situation and she able to help me resolve matters. She explained everything to me clearly and honestly. She organised all the paperwork and took over the sale of the villa. We met in her office in Kemer with my buyer and completed the transaction. If you are considering buying or selling in Turkey, I would strongly recommend employing her services rather than try and do it yourself or with the help of the locals as I did.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to ask any questions.

A very satisfied customer, Vicky Brinkley Donaldson


Name Surname: Douglas Cameron- Australia

Dear Purlen, Elif and the staff of Second Home,

Thank you for everything that you have done for Aija and I in regards to finding, securing and finalising for us an absolute perfect property in Camyuva. The list of things that you have done for us to finalise the purchase of this property over that last  months goes on and on and is too long to even list. We both know that without the work of your team, this just wouldn’t have happened.

I must say, I have not experiences such professionalism combined with friendliness in business before when buying a property anywhere in the world and being the 1st foreigners to receive credit from DenizBank, Kemer Branch when buying a property is a true reflection of your commitment to your clients success. As I have said to you many times before, you are a ONE STOP SHOP for purchasing a property in Turkey.

Aija and I must be the happiest newlyweds in the world right now and through your assistance, we are now able to start our new lives together in what I must say, is one of the most beautiful places to live.

Since we have met you, we have seen many of our dreams come to pass and living in new Villa in Camyuva in the years to come, I am sure many more dreams will be born and we will see them become a reality.

Thank you all very much.

Doug  Cameron & Aija Cameron -Australia

Name Surname: Ramin Isfahani

Dear Customer, I would like to express my special thanks to the management of second home turkey specially to Mrs.Purlen and Mr.Sonmez Karakus.

As we,ve found our flat through the internet by their complete explanation we decided to purchase and now we are really glad and happy. They have done also all the paperworks in a short time with the best possible additional services. Therefore I do hereby introduce this company to all my friends and relatives in order to have the best services.

Wish you all the very best wishes, Dr.R.Isfahani

Name Surname: Pavel, Dmitry / St-Peterburg – Çamyuva (Türkiye)

Ýlk önce “Second Home Turkey” Emlak Þirketinin bütün çalýþanlarýna (Purlen ve Sönmez, Elif ve Selda) onlarýn, mübalaðasýz, fantastik iþlerine göre minnettarlýðýmýzý bildirmek isterdik.

Gayrimenkul satýþý ve ilgili prosedürlerin bütün çalýþma aþamalarýnda ekip çok profesyonel ve düzenli çalýþýyordu. Ýþleme engele olabilecek bütün detaylar, araç ve konaklama saðlamaktan baþlayarak gereken belgelerin – Türkiye ikamet tezkeresi, vergi dairesi ve polis kayýtlarý, alým-satým sözleþmesi v.s- kusursuz ve hýzlý düzenlemesine kadar öngörülmüþtü.

Gayrimenkul seçimi sýrasýnda þirket tarafýndan hiçbir baský uygulanmadý, gayrimenkul hakkýnda bilgiler çok doðru aktarýldý ve hiçbir kusurlar gizlenmedi veya geçiþtirilmedi. Sözleþme belgelerinin hazýrlanmasý ve düzenlenmesi yüksek seviyede yapýldý, müþteri tarafýndan ileri sürülen hiçbir ek talep geri çevrilmedi. Ayrýca, þirketin tedbirliliði kritik durumda meydana gelen ve hoþ olmayan problemlerden kaçýnmaya izin verdi. Konu odur ki, Kadastro Müdürlüðü’nün talebine göre iki manalý formüller nedeniyle yabancýlara taþýnmaz satýþý kanunu durduruldu.

Tabiî ki kanunun yeni þekli kabul edilinceye kadar belgeler (TAPU) veriliþi durduruldu. Elif hanýmýn tavsiyesi ile bizim iþlerimizin þirket tarafýndan yapýlmasýna dair vekaletnameler düzenlemiþtik, bunun sayesinde belgelerin veriliþinin durdurulmasýna bir gün kala þirket yine de onlarý alabildi. Bu artýk ustalýðýn yüksek sýnýfýdýr. Musallat olmayan Rusya servisimize alýþýk olan bizleri, þirketin genel olarak hiçbir þekilde gayrimenkul satýþýna ait olmayan hizmetleri þaþýrttý.

Peterburg’da bulunduðumuz sýrada biz defalarca Elif’e dairelere ya bulaþýk makinesi, ya fýrýn, ya klimalar v.s. almasýný ve kurulmasýný saðlamayý rica etmiþtik. Ve bunlar en kýsa zamanda yerine getirilmiþtir, üstelik de tamamen ücretsiz. Ýnsanlar zaman kaybetmiþlerdir ve esas iþlerini býrakmak zorunda kalmýþlardýr. Neticede, ilk defa tatile gelince, biz ilk günden itibaren hiçbir rahatsýzlýk duymadýk. Sular akýyordu, klimalar çalýþýyordu, makineler yýkýyordu, ýþýk yanýyordu v.s.

Sonuç olarak, belirtmek isterdik ki, eðer siz seçiminizi Second Home in Turkey þirketinden yana kullanýrsýnýz ise, siz kesinlikle hata yapmazsýnýz ve zamanýnýz ve paranýz konusunda rahat olursunuz ve neticede kaliteli ürün ve hizmet alýrsýnýz. Bir daha þirkete teþekkürlerimizi sunarýz.

Name Surname: Aysen KURAN

5.3.2008, Antalya
Tüm Second Home Yetkililerine,
Agustos 2007'de Camyuva' da bir ev arayisi sirasinda sizlerle tanistik ve istedigimiz gibi bir evin sizlerin sayesinde edinmis olmaktan mutluyuz.
Gosterdiginiz titizlik, duyarlilik, ciddiyet ve takipten dolay? cok tesekkür ediyorum.
Calismalarinizda basarilar diliyorum.

Name Surname: Birgul & Murat GUMUS

We would like to thank so much Second Home Turkey team especially to Purlen, Sonmez, Elif and Selda on their outstanding services to find the perfect property for us in Kemer/Aslanbucak. We know that without your teams help we would have never been able to make the decision of finding the right place. In the heat of Turkey they did not give up on us taking us to see as many properties as possible until we found our dream home, they continued to help us with opening bank accounts, literally getting us a mortgage in a weeks time and finally helping us with the purchase of our villa and receiving our title deeds. The service we received was outstanding and very professional leading us to a stress-free procedures. 

They were both very quick in responding to our questions and needs guiding us through each step along the way. We have no doubts what so ever that you will receive the same outstanding professionalism and honesty when it comes to buying your dream home in Turkey, we would like to recommend anyone to use the great services of Second Home Turkey and never look back. It has been a year since we bought our property and their services has never ended because when ever we need their support they are always there and happy to help. We have not only bought our dream home but also gained such a wonderful, trustworthy, honest and kind hearted people. It was a privilege to have met you all and once again thank you so much for all you have done for us.

With all our Love ...

Birgul & Murat GUMUS England/London

Name Surname: Tor & Ann LARSEN


While looking for an apartment in Kemer we discovered Second Home,which was highly recommended. We ended up using them in finding our duplex and never regretted it.

The Agency and its staff certainly live up to their reputation. The agency is run very professionally with excellent service. They have good understanding of what can be of interest for the customer and in what location.

 We can highly recommend their services. We found everybody in the office to be friendly, patient and helpful. We will especially give our thanks to Elif, who was our agent. She is a wonderful person, efficient and helpful. After an enjoyable drive with Elif looking at potential places the decision was made. She organized the transaction smoothly from beginning to the end. She always replied to our e-mails and handled all our requests timely and satisfactorily. The escrow procedure went smooth and the title was timely in place.

The apartment was bought while it was still under construction, which represented some problems. She was very helpful in resolving these and obtaining a completion to our liking.

Last but not least she helped us find the major furniture and appliances and later to get it all in  place. Household articles was ordered from Norway and expedited by her in Kemer and delivered to the site at a minimal cost. Finally,she arranged cleaning of the apartment.         

We like to give a huge thanks to Elif and the crew for the excellent service and wish them all the best in the future.

With all respect Tor and Ann G. Larsen

Name Surname: Mr & Mrs Hirons / Warwickshire / England

Dear Purlen Karakus, Second Home Turkey. We would like to thank you and your dedicated team at Second Home Turkey for your outstanding service to us during the initial search and subsequent purchase of our dream home in your wonderful and friendly country.

Having visited many places in Turkey over the past 20 years we knew that we wanted our second home to be in Turkey. It was however with your guidance and truly honest opinions that lead us to the picturesque and unspoilt town of Kemer.

You and your team of dedicated staff went far beyond any expectations of what we ever thought we would get from a Real Estate Agent. The service that you gave us was truly second to none, and each time we met it was evident that you cared so passionately about the services that you provide and most of all, the well being of you clients.

Although you work jointly for both the seller and the purchaser it seemed a little strange to us at first and we were sceptical. This is because we do not have a system like yours in England, where the Agent works equally for both the seller and the buyer, but I can see now that it has very positive benefits. You were neither biased in your opinions or actions whatever the situation. You made the whole experience from the initial enquiries we made via the Internet about the property market generally in Turkey, to the benefit of buying on the Turkish Riviera, especially in the magnificent town of Kemer. Seeing is definitely believing - the minute we seen Kemer our minds were made up. Right from the very start of the initial viewings we made of the property you had on offer, through to the purchase and acquisition of the Title Deed to the complete furnishing - you were there to help.

You were both quick and efficient in responding to all of the questions that we often presented you with, and you provided valuable support with the organisation of the extra work that we requested be carried out on our property. I would recommend anyone to buy in Kemer, but most importantly I would tell them that Second Home Turkey are the people to deal with.

So once again a huge “THANK YOU” you made it incredibly easy and a totally stress free experience for us to realise our ambition, and you have truly made our dreams come true. Warwickshire / England

Name Surname: Fred Wedgbury / United Kingdom

To Whom It May Concern: I have just completed the purchase of my apartment Toros Sitesi Block 3 Asianbucak Kemer .I found the overall buying of my property easier than buying a property in England due to one main reason Second Home Turkey. I came to Turkey last year for the first time with my friend who also bought an apartment in the same block. We arranged to meet Second Home Turkey along with several other Estate agents and visit various holiday resorts along the Turkish Rivera. I must have seen over 50 properties, situated at 8 different resorts and varying in cost.

So why did I do business with Second Home Turkey?
• Second Home Turkey read our e mails and listened to the type of property we we were interested in and also the price range we had in our budget.
• Second Home Turkey had made a portfolio of properties we should see and the day was carefully planned to make sure we saw all the properties in the Kemer area in one day.
• Second Home Turkey arranged a meeting after we had rested and changed clothes to discuss the days viewing and what we were interested in and what we were not interested in. There was never any hard sell, only constructive advice and a genuine desire for us to get the right property to suit our tastes.
• Second Home Turkey also arranged to set up our Tax number and open a Bank account and this was before we had completed our viewings with other Estate agents and before we had decided to buy with Second Home Turkey.
• Second Home Turkey gave us full advice on their costs, the deposits we had to pay, on the cost of furniture and the deadlines we had to meet. You may think that all of the bullet points above would be carried out by all estate agents but that was not the case, I can only say that the main reason I chose Second Home Turkey was from the moment I met Purlen, Sonmez and Elif I knew I could trust them, and that they wanted me to get the best possible value for money and they also helped me with small bits of advice which would not normally come under their job description.
I am sure there are other estate agents who are very good, but unfortunately I did not meet anyone who were as professional, helpful and most of all who were genuine nice people.
I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Second Home Turkey, and whether you are dealing directly with Purlen, Sonmez or Elif the two things you will get are the best estate agent in the area and three new friends.

Name Surname: Justin Warren - UK

It was with a great deal of thought and apprehension that I decided to buy a property in Turkey. I have had many visits there and could of continued in the same way indefinitely but being successful in the UK with renting property in Scotland I decided to try my hand in the market in Turkey. I should not have worried, after approaching your company, it could not have been easier.

From the very beginning of looking for a property, you took over, looking at many properties in different areas tailor made for me and my budget. With your help, advice and friendly approach you made it all very much a pleasure to look completely taking the whole thing and making it stress free.

From the initial stage of paying the holding deposit to the builder, to the end of the sale with my Tapu being issued, every stage was explained to me in detail and even when I returned home you continued to keep in touch by e-mail with regular updates and pictures.

The service of the whole team is 1st class and my dealings with both Purlen and Elif were totally professional, friendly and a credit to the business.

The after sales service shown by you is on going as an email to you or your office and my query is dealt with and resolved promptly. I will have great pleasure in dealing with you again in the future and recommending you to all who are thinking of purchasing in Turkey!

Justin Warren

Name Surname: Ljiljana Smiljanic,Montenegro

Dear Purlen, Elif, Sonmez and Simone,

I have purchased my dream home in beautiful Kemer through Second Home Turkey. I have to admit that from the moment we kept in contact with Second Home team, I received an extereme attention, profesionalism and friendly atmosphere. On top of that, I found that Second Home Turkey has a wide range of properties which offers excellent value for money.

My intention was buy to let. From the moment I commited to buy my apartment, Second Home assisted me for furnishing, following up all deliveries for my orders, insurancing my house, arranging member ship for electricy and water, arranging the cleaning of my apartment and letting my apartment! I would never expect such a high quality service which was far beyond my expectations.   

Thank you so much for making it incredibly easy and a totally stress free experience and also for I appreciate for your on going - almost LIFE TIME after sales service showen by you!

Ljiljana Smiljanic


Name Surname: Gusel Aldoshina

Dear Elif, Sonmez and Purlen! Just want to use this chance to thank you all for a precious help and exellent services rendered us during all the procedures of finding and buying a house in Turkey. Besides a house we've found here three good friends too! PS. Apart from emotions, if anyone looks for a professional assistanse in real-estate field, 2nd home Turkey is the right choice.

Name Surname: Marie Melvin

Marie Melvin - ENGLAND

I was very apprehensive about buying abroad but Second Home Turkey made the whole process very quick and easy.  They were excellent in answering all my many questions so quickly and putting my mind at rest. 

They looked after us very well while we were viewing properties, everything was explained along the way and there were no hidden costs or unwanted suprises. 

It was especially nice to get the keys to my new house and to find all my new furniture delivered and assembled.

Thanks for all your help.



Name Surname: Mr Mrs Davies


Dear Purlen and Elif just to say a Big THANK YOU for all your hard work you have done getting our apartment in Asianbucak Kemer. The amount of things you have done for us just goes on and on.

We came to Kemer last year with another company and we found it a hard sell and  the company was DISHONEST but with second home turkey this was not so we seen loads of apartments but we new this one was the one and you both have made it so easy to buy in turkey hassle free is the word and i mean hassle free. 

We have to say we have not received such professionalism and friendliness in a business before and the service you both provide before and after is an understatement. (You wouldn\\\'t get that any where else).There is no problem to big you both are very quick and effecient in responding to all enquires. We truely have made two lovely friends. I will have pleasure in dealing with you again in the future and recommend all who are thinking of purchasing in Kemer Turkey.






Name Surname: Meltem AtAMAN- Turkey

Second Home Turkey Kemer ANTALYA

Attn : Mrs Purlen Karakus , Mrs Elif Kayikcioglu , Mr Sonmez Karakus

From the moment we met with 2nd home team , we received extereme professional, friendly attitude and reliable approach. We purchased a property and more important, we gained friends! 

Tanistigimiz ilk andan itibaren gostermis oldugunuz samimi,guvenilir ve profosyonel yaklasiminiz ile sadece bir ev degil dost kazandigimizdan eminim.

Satis oncesi ve ozellikle satis sonrasi musteri odakli yaklasiminiz bence sektorunuzde sizi farkli ve ozel kiliyor.

Hersey icin cok tesekkur ederim.

Sevgilerim ile ,


Name Surname: Jan Van Rijswijk - Netherlands

Jan van Rijswijk

The Netherlands

Arnhem, 5 September 2007,

Dear Elif, Purlen, Selda and the rest of Second Home Turkey,

A few months ago I and my wife Louise have an idea to look for some homes or apartments in the Turkey. Friends of us who had bought a house in Turkey tell us about Second Home and so we’ve had made an appointment to look for some houses and apartments. We’ve bin a whole day looking around for a house that we want to have, no rush or anything, just looking and think about it.

After two days we had our dream house found in Arslanbucak, just 3 kilometer from Kemer (center).

My god, what a lot of paper work and other things you have to do for buying such property, but Elif and Second Home have done everything what was necessary to buy our house, it was just so pleasure full, stress less and unbelievable what kind off service they have given us, and still, after all these months they do everything if we need something. They let cleaning our house after every visit from us or friends for a very nice price, let do some work around the house etc. etc. Also the electricity, water and a lot of things, everything is arranged by Elif.

Also the furnishing was a pleasure with Selda to buy all the stuff we’ve need in the house, it was very much work to make a beautiful house.

Also the service from the stores we’ve bought our beds and sofa and everything was just perfect, so very nice people.

Dear Second Home,  again, we will thank you for all that you’ve have done for us to make our second home and place make much more so special and we hope that our friendship will stay for a long time, thanks and see you soon.

Lots of greetings, Jan van Rijswijk en Louise van Rijswijk.


Name Surname: Dave & Chris Andrews- U.K

We have recently purchased an apartment in Kemer through 2nd Home Turkey. We can honestly say we cannot believe how easy, stress free and satisfying  the whole process was thanks totally to the good people at 2nd Home Turkey and the builder with whom they worked very close to. They were always there from the start, all documentation and information was professional and concise and fully explained. Any concerns and problems were dealt with and resolved in a timely and satisfying way. They even helped us furnish the apartment having our best interest at heart all the time (got some good deals).

If you are considering buying a place in Turkey, we would say that 2nd Home Turkey should be your first choice (believe me we did talk to others) and we would gladly expand on that if requested.

Thanks Elif, Purlen and Sommez and look forward to seeing you soon.

Dave & Chris    7th Heaven, Camyuva.

Name Surname: Steeven , Gillian Hussey , UK Staffordshire

Second Home Turkey;
We thank you for helping us to find our dream house in Kemer. Having visited many different places and estate agents in Turkey, we found your company offering best properties along the Turkish coast line real value for money.
When we decided buying a property in Turkey , we have had inspections with many estate agents , but unfortunately there was not any real products behind the initial offers. Either it was way to expensive or not the offered product. Second Home Turkey was the only one  providing us the real products offered suitable to our budget.
In addition to that their professionalizm, ability to provide quick solutions and friendly approach made us feel safe from the begining of the buying process.
Those were the main keys why we have chosen you as our real estate agent. You made the whole buying procedure very easy and even after you helped us letting our property while its vacant and extra profit on our capital investment. We have no hesitation recommending you to anyone willing to buy property in Turkey.
Best Regards,

Name Surname: Mr. Rajesh Kumar Bhagat / UNITED KINGDOM

Ms. Elif and Purlen

This commendation letter is a true reflection of my experiences of buying a property through the Second Home Turkey , based at Kemer, Turkey.

I had stumbled upon this agency after an extensive research and much email enquires. Out of many online Estate Agencies, I found Second Home Turkey  to be prompt and comprehensive in their services.

Both Elif and Purlen are very knowledgeable and are generally open and helpful. They made the house hunting and buying process enjoyable as well as ensured a stress free registration. Both speak good English and work as an effective and efficient team.

I have full confidence in their ability to provide a high quality services.

Thank you for all your guidance and help. Best regards.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Bhagat
Senior Lecturer (E-Business and Project Management)
CEMS, University of the West of England
Frenchey Campus
Cold Harbour Lane
Bristol  U.K.

Name Surname: Chris vd Vegt / Holland


My name is Chris vd Vegt, from Holland.

I´ve bought myself a very beautiful house in Aslanbucak, next to Kemer.
Our broker was Second Home from Kemer, and our contactperson was Elif,a member of  Second Home.

Through the `Second Home`exhibition in Utrecht, which is every year in `De Jaarbeurshallen` in Holland, I heard for the first time of  Second Home in Kemer, they had some nice houses on their website, so I desided to contact them. This contact was from the beginning very spontanious and very good, I think that is very important if you have a broker working for you. Many times you see and reed bad stories about some Turkish brokers on TV and in the newspapers, about customers who have lost all their money on a bad broker who just wanted their money. You must always be carefull for that, you can only spend your money once, so do it good!

First Elif asked me some questions about what kind of house I was looking for, was it for recreation or maybe for investement, big house¬ or small house etc. etc. And ofcourse what my budget was. We went togheter in the car and drove around in Kemer and wached many,many house from the inside and outside, some houses even more than once.
I am lucky Elif didn´t loose it because of all the questions and demands I had we drove around untill it was dark and the next day, the same story.
To make a long story short, I choose the house I own now, and look back to the nice time I had buying it with Elif next to me as my guide.

All my demands (a to-do-list of 40!) were treated very well, even the smallest details on the house were perfectly and quickly solved. I can garantee you, this is your broker, and I am not being paid for this story!  ;-)

Second Home Turkey is a very serious and good company with nice employees who are not only busy with sales, but mostly with aftersales, Elif spend a whole day to come with me and go to buy furniture. And even still now, I own the house for 4 months now, I can call or E-mail if I have any problem or question. For instance they arranged a cleaning lady for me, so if I go to my house, it is nice and clean, ready for my next holiday with friends in my own house.
Hope to see you in Aslanbucak/Kemer or surroundings, maybe we can become neighbours!

Name Surname: Roger & Ann Manning / United Kingdom

To all at Second home Turkey. We would like to thank all of you in the way you helped us buy our new home in turkey.

You made it all so very easy for us.From the first day we met untill the day we moved in nothing was trouble. We hope that you can help a lot more people buy a property & that you continue in your good work.We will see you late July early August when we come out again.

Lots of love & best wishes United Kingdom

Name Surname: Kim Tepe / United Kingdom

Having recently purchases a property in Konyaalti Antalya, I would certainly recommend Purlen, Elif and her Team in Second Home Turkey. Their approach was friendly, efficient and totally professional. The whole process was made very easy for me by their knowledge and expertise in all the necessary legal and Administration procedures in purchasing a property abroad.

Their service was first class and personal and this was a major factor in my purchasing a property from them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Second Home Turkey you could not find a more helpful Estate Agent in Turkey whose guidance, understanding and communication skills both written and verbal are outstanding.

Name Surname: Güngör Pekþen - Ramazan Akyüz / TURKEY

Antalya / Kemer 'de satin almis oldugumuz APART daire ile ilgili olarak bastan sona bize gosterilen ilgi ve alakaya ayrica isinize göstermis oldugunuz ozen ve titizlige tum Secondhome yetkili ve calisanlarýna tesekkur ederiz.

Name Surname: Jørn Dahl Frederiksen/Denmark

Dear Elif,
Buying a house in Kemer, Turkey:

We will like to inform you that we are very very satisfied with the service you offered us when buying our house in Kemer, also considering the difficulties we suddenly had to deal with because of the change of the law foreigner buying a house in Turkey. Your skill and local knowledge is really something which everybody can benefit from.

We can give you the best recommendation, only.

Yours faithfully,

11. July 2006

Name Surname: Dennis Dixon / UNITED KINGDOM

SECOND Home Turkey is your FIRST and LAST stop when looking for your FIRST or SECOND home in Turkey.They are number ONE for prompt service. Number ONE for efficiency. Number one for friendly service. Number ONE for chioce of properties. Your FIRST choice should ONLY be SECOND HOME TURKEY and the THREE number ONE people who will service your every need for that dream home in the sun.

 15 July 2006


Name Surname: Jend Dencker


Da vi havde besluttet os til ag købe en ferielejlighed i Tyrkiet kontaktede vi Second Home Turkey, da vi gennem bekendte havde hørt, at de var dygtige.

Efter at havde kørt ned langs kysten valgte vi en lejlighed i Kas. Det var i sommeren 2005, hvor problemerne med skøde for danskere blev aktuelt. På trods af de dystre udsigter valgte bi at købe, og Elif har i den forbindelse givet en udsøgt behandling.

Da ”skødeloven” var vedtaget tog vi til Antalya, og på en dag blev alle papirer udarbejdet og underskrevet, og på basis af en fuldmagt sørgede Elif for at vi fik skødet uden problemer.

Vi kan derfor på det varmeste anbefale Second Home Turkey

Jens Dencker

Name Surname: Mojgan Parviz&Leif Aage Johansen

We recently had to sell our beautiful second home in Kemer,Antalya.

Thanks to dear Purlen and her knowledgeable personal,it went very well and easy.

We are very satisfied with the excellent service she offered to us .

We can give you the best recommendation.


Your faithfully,

Mojgan Parviz and Leif Aage Johansen

Name Surname: Odd Arne Winje

Reference letter 31.03.2016



When we needed to sell our apartment in Göynük, Kemer, we had a challenge with finding a


serious real estate company who would take our case.


After a long search we found Second Home Turkey in Kemer, and they agreed to help us with this.


From that moment we experienced a very clear and predictable process, which started with


a clear agreement, and a honest expectation about the result.


Further when it came to the selling process itself, everything got well prepared, we got a list


over all the papers needed up front, and also during the process she told me clearly up front


what is going to happen next, step by step, included also the financial part in the bank,


where they assisted us until the money was transferred to our bank accounts.


So for a short summary, if you want a predictable and safe process in a real estate matter, i


will recommend Second Home Turkey, and especially Pürlen Karakuş, to handle this matter for you.


She / they did this in a perfect way for us.


Odd Arne Winje






Name Surname: Kjell


2nd Home Turkey
Selda Acar.
We were advised to contact 2nd HOME Turkey in connection with the fact that we wanted to sell our apartment in Viking City Chamuya.
We can warmly recommend 2nd HOME Turkey with Selda Acar for such assignments.
Communication was efficiently done by e-mail and WhatsApp. Settlement timely arrived as agreed on my bank account.
Best regards a very satisfied apartment seller at Viking City.

07980 Kemer / Antalya / Turkey
814 43 42