When it comes to buying a property abroad life can seem quite complicated especially when you start thinking about some of the complicated issues that may arise during the purchase of a holiday home that you may only visit for a few months each year.
We are a dedicated team of professionals and our aim is to make the process totally problem and stress free for all our clients, from the initial first contact to the completion of the Title Deed (Tapu), and at any time in the future should you require our assistance. Our aim is to provide our clients with an unrivalled ‘First Class Comprehensive Service.’
With our dedicated team on hand to offer you advice at every stage of your new beginning in Turkey, you can rest assured the experience will be a pleasurable one.

Stage 1. Prospective Client Enquiries
You will meet with a great deal of care and understanding under the supervision of any member of our experienced team of advisors. We will listen very carefully to establish your exact needs and then offer you property that meets with your criteria.
Stage 2. The Inspection Trip
At this stage we will guide you in making the necessary arrangements. This will entail; Flight tickets, and Hotel arrangements. We can arrange to meet you at the local Airport at Antalya.
Stage 3. The Buying Process
We undertake all of the procedures that are necessary, from the drawing up of the real estate contracts, Legal issues, Setting up a Bank account, Registering for a Tax code and applying to the Military headquarters for the necessary clearance.
Please see procedures for more information

 Stage 4. Financing – Home Loan for all foreign citizens
Mortgages * Hypotheek * Immobilien Finanzierung * credit-logement
Denizbank Home Loan makes your dream come true by borrowing a home loan available for reasonable maturity terms and interest rates indexed into Euro or a foreign currency. Buying a second house (with a mortgage) in Turkey is a great decision that will give you a lot of pleasure and joy. DenizBank is the first Turkish bank giving home loans to foreigners in Turkey. This makes us the most experienced bank and the best partner in making your dream come true. Besides the mortgage we offer a full service in setting up your daily financial life in Turkey. Therefore we can easily say: at DenizBank we finance your dreams.

Benefits of banking with Denizbank:
  • Friendly English speaking staff (and sometimes also French and German)
  • Good credit conditions and competitive rates;
  • Knowledge of the all the legal obligations, restrictions and procedures applicable for
  • Foreigners banking in Turkey;
  • Beside the mortgage we assist on money transfers local bill payments, local (house and personal) insurances;
  • Many foreigners already joined the DenizBank success story and are banking with us;
  • We are your true guidance on your way financing your second house(s) in Turkey

Buying a house in Turkey as a foreigner

 Turkey has a reciprocal agreement for the purchase of land and property with many countries. This means that the people of these nations that allow Turks to buy land in their countries, can in return, buy land in Turkey. Foreigners may purchase in their own name if the property is outside military zones. Based on these agreements foreigners of the following countries are eligible. England, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Luxemburg, Norway, Greece as well as some African and South American states. The full list is available in our branches. No matter where the land or the house may be situated if the buyer is a foreign person, the deed office has to officially ask the prior approval or permission of the highest military command of the area before transferring the title (Approval of the ministry of Defense: Savunma Bakanliği). The duration of the request for permission is estimated on 90 days. The reasons for this are to ensure that foreign buyers will not acquire a property within military zones. No land or property within forbidden regions and safety regions can be sold, transferred or rented. (Forbidden regions - Military zones). More and more foreigners are interested in buying property in Turkey. In 2006 around 50,000 purchases from foreigners have been taking place. More and more foreigners are looking for financing their new property at a local bank. Foreigners, with different behavior/features, require a different application approach. Therefore DenizBank has developed mortgage loans specially for foreigners How to get the Mortgage from DenizBank?

The features of the loan:
Issue Feature

Loan to value

Maximum 65% of the appraisal value (not always equal to the sales price)

Debt to income

Maximum net salary to spend to installment for total loan position 50%

Valuation of income

Only salary income transferred to a bank account, average profit of the last 2 years, pension income

Maximum amount

No maximum

Minimum amount

€ 30.000 euro


All countries that have a reciprocal agreement with Turkey. Click here for the full list


5,10,15 and 20 years

Loan in YTL


Loan in euro


Loan in Dollars


Loan in British pound


Interest types


Early repayment

Possible (2% penalty fee)

Property valuation

Done by DenizBank or appointed appraisal by Denizbank, pre-valuation paid by DenizBank

Age of application

25 -70 years

Maximum age at end of maturity

70 years

DASK: nature disaster insurance, House insurance;

To arrange via DenizBank,

Life insurance

No obligation

Off plan mortgage

Yes, with full bank guarantee from constructor for the total loan amount

Monthly installment payments Automatic payment from a DenizBank account
Validity of the pre offer 4 months
Extension of validity of the pre offer (except interest rate) Until 18 months (1% extra commission required)

Stage 5. Completing The Purchase (Tapu) 

As soon as we get your Military approval the purchase can be completed. To obtain your title deed you can either visit Turkey yourself or you can provide us with Power of Attorney, or you can use a Solicitor should you choose to appoint one. Should you require a Residents Permit then we can assist with this also.
Click here to see example of Title Deed (Tapu)

    • Refurbishment & Furnishings etc
    • One of our team members will provide ‘Free of charge’ refurnishment service with you to assist in your efforts to furnishing your new home. If you cannot stay in Turkey too long then we can arrange for, Follow up enquiries, Quotations, Deliveries and Fitments etc- with before-and-after photographs to keep you updated at all stages.
    • Mail ordering from IKEA
    • Second Home Turkey provides IKEA furnisment service. If you are willing to furnish your house with IKEA , what you need to do us just choose your furniture from IKEA catalogue where you can choose all furniture through IKEA online internet page. We than ask you to send us a mail order inorder to arrange delivery into your house and handle installation all furnitures.
    • Car Rental
    • Our team can even arrange Car Hire for you. All you have to do is send us an email or telephone our office with your flight details and you can consider it done!
    • Property management services
    • Second Home provides property management service for all types of properties with the following services,


      Arrangements of routine maintenance of the property The payment of property related invoices - For instance; Utility bills (water & electricity), Maintenance contracts, Service charges etc. Visiting the property at least three times a year to ensure that it is being maintained with detailed reports provided upon request Dealing property insurance Providing pool keeping and gardening services Providing cleaning service Please contact for cost information
    • Rental Services
    • Second home manages rentals throughout the international and local market. Our philosophy is to maintain the integrity of your investment which will secure the highest return on your capital investment.

Our also service includes;

        Internet and private network marketing
        Arranging an inventory list for the property
        Preparation of property for letting
        Pre-arrival and post-departure cleaning service
        Negotiating any damages and reimbursements claims at the end of the tenancy and advice accordingly.


 When it comes to purchase a property abroad , life may seem you quite complicated thinking that how you would handle all hassle in a country where you intend to purchase a holiday home to spend few months in a year or get fully settled.

 We are a dedicated team making your life easier, handling all process from the moment you meet us and after at all times. Our aim is to offer our customers an incomparable yetkilileri service and our dedicated team is on hand to offer advices, help at every stage of your new beginning in Turkey.

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