1. Why should I use a real estate agent ?

It has become very easy procedure to purchase a property in Turkey nevertheless it is essential that every prospective property buyer should be very careful and get advice from a specialist licensed real estate agent.
One should not be surprised to see that the prospective buyers who did not act carefully and chose to use intermediaries such as waiters, jewelry & leather dealers in the cover of friendship and hospitality or unlicensed agencies without references have been cheated and misinformed either on the prices or the documents of the properties they have purchased. Experiences of such generally end up with buyers not having the Title deed registered on their names or being overly charged. Unfortunately, stories on cases with people experiencing such unfortunate events are often presented in the media as an entire buying experience in Turkey which in reality is the result of the individuals decision to purchase without using licensed real estate agents .
It is highly recommended to use a registered and licensed Real Estate Agents and with license and check upon the references.

2. What is the advantage of buying property in Turkey ?

In 2005, Turkey has started negotiations to become a member of E.U. and that gives the investors to double and even triple their investment within few years. Real estate prices are still very attractive in comparison with E.U. countries; take your chance to make a good investment for your future. And with the last changes in the regulations on property ownership for foreign citizens, buying a property is a lot simpler now and living cost is incomparably cheap compared to the majority of European countries. The investors and buyers who started buying properties in 2003 have been able to earn minimum 20% per year over their capital investment.

3. How is buying procedure in Turkey ?

Please see the buying procedure at “Procedures’’ headline of our website Please see the buying procedure at “Procedures’’ headline of our website

4. What are the extra costs of buying property in Turkey ?

Please see the costs for Buying Procedures at “Procedures’’ headline of our website.

5. Do I have to appoint a solicitor to take care of all the legal procedures ?

We are taking care of all the legal and financial procedures ( checking documents of the property, taking care of all applications, carrying out payment transactions, etc) on your behalf and make sure that your buying experience is easy and truly safe with no additional costs.
Should you request to hire a solicitor, we are again helping you to hire a solicitor from the reference list of the foreign Embassies to make your buying procedure comfortable.
This is a very subjective decision you need to make, whatever your decision is our duty is to serve you efficiently and to provide you a valuable support to make the buying process run smoothly.

6. What is the Real Estate Agent Service Fee?

Whenever a property is sold, registered and licensed real estate agents are entitled to receive 3% service fee over the actual sales price of the property from the purchaser and the property owner separately.

This includes the following services for the Buyer:
Organization of personalized inspection trips


  • Airport/Hotel transfers (at the stage of site inspection)
  • Legal checks of the property documents
  • Organization of contracts between Buyer and Seller
  • Carry out all applications (Tapu and Cadastre Office, Army Headquarters, etc)
  • Passport translations
  • Notarized translations
  • Register at tax Office
  • Assistance in opening bank accounts
  • Organization of payments on behalf of the Buyer ( only if asked by the Buyer)
  • Translation at the stage of title deed takeover ( free of charge service for English speakers)
  • Electricity/water membership subscriptions of the property
  • Payment of yearly taxes
  • Assistance for insuring your property
  • One full day assistance for furnishment purchase
  • Six months free of charge property management assistance

Please see Services for further details.

7. What is the role of the Real estate Agent ?

Despite the system in many European countries, the Real Estate Agents in Turkey work jointly for both the seller and the buyer and represent both parties. The duty of the Real Estate agent is to act as an intermediary providing a compromise between the parties and work for the benefit of both carrying out all the legal procedures

8. What is the title deed like ?

The title deed is called ‘TAPU’ and all property transactions for the foreigners is only done through Land and Registry offices of the relevant district where the property is located.

9. How do I get electricity and water to my house?

After you have received the Title deed of the property, our agency is taking care of all these procedures at the local authorities. The cost for the subscriptions is as follows:
If the property purchased is a newly built building

Electricity subscription cost : 60-100 € (depending on the power level in the house)
Water subscription cost : 95 ~ 160 € approx.+ water used until title deed transfer

If the property purchased is an old building with existing memberships

Electricity subscription cost : 30 -70 € (depending on the power level in the house)
Water subscription cost : 30 € approx.

Sample of electricity and water bills

10. Are there any hospitals and schools in the districts ?

Since the Turkish Riviera is at the same time very popular tourism destination, in most of the districts there are at least two fully equipped private hospitals, one government hospital and a major University hospital in Antalya center. In each main towns – such as Antalya, Kemer, Alanya, Manavgat – there are at least one private college (primary and high schools) mainly with English as primary language and Turkish government schools and many kinder gardens. There is a main University called Akdeniz University in Antalya center with major fields of study such as medicine, arts, tourism and business administration.

11. Do I need to get a residence permit ?

With the last update in the law on the property ownership for foreigners, due to reciprocity agreements between the countries some nationals need to get a residence permit of minimum 6 months in order to own a property. That is a procedure that takes 2-3 days to get the residence permit after the necessary applications are done. For 6 months application the cost is around 250 Euro. Second Home Turkey provides this assistance service for its clients from a nationality necessitating a residence permit to purchase a property.

12. Can I get a telephone /ADSL line ?

In order to have a telephone or ADSL line in your property you need to have a residence permit as outlined in question 11 and last electricity/water invoices of the property to sign in. The infrastructure is very good and it takes max 15 days to have the line open after all the necessary applications are done.

13. How do I buy a vehicle registered on my name ?

To get a vehicle you bought in Turkey registered on your name, you need
first to obtain the ‘blue book’(see question 11) and then apply to the traffic
police department to get an ‘MA’ plate meaning Misafir Araç- Guest Plate.
For second hand cars, the sales transaction is only carried out through the Notary Public, the following step is to appoint a dealer to follow up the plate registration on your behalf.
Should you choose to import the vehicle you already have/ bought to Turkey, then you need to pay the tax assigned by the Turkish Customs Office for that vehicle to the local authorities. Since the import taxes are very high, it is not recommended to bring cars from abroad.

14. Can I let my property ?

15. How is the living cost in Turkey ?

The living cost is extremely cheap especially in terms of food and living in Turkey. In every district you would find weekly fresh markets with varieties of fresh vegetables. In addition to that, the power of the foreign currencies against Turkish currency (YTL) make the living even more cheaper for the foreigners living in Turkey.

16. Some living costs in Turkey:
Water per m3 : 0.58 Euro / m3
Energy per kwh : 0.08 Euro / kwh
Petrol per liter : 1.55 Euro / liter
Dinner in a luxury restaurant : Approx. 15.00 Euro per person
Turkish kebap : Approx. 4.00 Euro per plate
Tomatoes : 0.25 Euro / kg
Lamb meat : 8 Euro / kg
White bread : 0.15 Euro / piece
Beer : 1.5 Euro / liter
Hair Cut : Approx.10.00 Euro per cut
House cleaning : 30 Euro / full day cleaning
Minibus (Kemer-Antalya) : 2.50 Euro per person
Highways : Free of charge in the Mediterranean Coast
Parking : Free of charge in the majority of places

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